Apply Texas C Essay

The smell of other hillside’s fear has been left in the doctor’s office, the way that the nurses wipe rubbing alcohol before they stab a needle into you, (which burns the tears out of my eyes by the way), and the way that the doctor silently comes into your room with a white coat. It all scares me, I have admitted to it. I have Atrophic, the fear Of going to the doctors. However, this did not Stop me from achieving my lifetime goal of becoming a doctors little helper – a nurse.

Chuck Palanquin once stated, “Don’t do what you want. Do what you don’t want.Do what you’re trained not to want. Do the things that scare you the most. ” That is what I intend to do with my life. Doing things that scares me the most because the things that scare you the most are usually the most worthwhile.

I have been scared of the doctor’s office ever since I was born. Seriously, as soon as I popped out and saw the look of the doctor in a scary white faceless and light blue scrubs, cried until was able to go home. Now fast forwarding to now the year of 2014, as a senior I believe I have accomplished a lot that might help achieve my lifetime goal.The experience f being in school clubs such as National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Health Students Occupations of America, and Leadership Experience Opportunity has taught me a lot about time management. As I had to manage time in order to balance schoolwork, community service, and my time into a nonprofit organization called Lend a Hand IVY. Although I had trouble with juggling time which is a problem for Asians, I manage to get through with keeping up with my grades and being in so many organizations.My mentors that have been a part of the prestigious organizations mutinously remind me of its influence due to the emphasis the organization places on education and helping the community.

Learning from their experience, I decided to take initiative by placing a higher priority on my education, and helping out Houston community and communities abroad in rural Vietnam. In November of 201 2, I decided to join a non-profit charity outside of school known as Lend A Hand IVY Inc.Lend A Hand is known in the Vietnamese community as one of the top non-profit organizations that help support thousands families each year, sponsor life-saving surgeries, and provide undress of scholarships to educationally motivated students in Vietnam. The organization would accomplish this by going on humanitarian aid trips every year to Vietnam and distribute out the funds or purchase the supplies necessary to sustain life. This past February, a group of 40 students, ranging from 8 to 1 8 year olds came together and formed individual teams within the group. Was the leader of my team despite my lack of experience.Collectively, we fundraiser nearly $23,000 in the span of a collective 72 hours by lion dancing for the Lunar New Year.

Breaking the previous record, we were able to fundraise enough money that could sponsor 7 heart surgeries, support more than thousands of families, and provide hundreds of scholarships. However, these results did not come very easy for me. Being new to the organization, I had to dedicate hundreds of hours of practice on Saturday afternoons, Sunday mornings, and eventually Friday nights.

In order to help in every possible way I can, made sure I took every opportunity to practice to improve myself.Aside from helping the communities in the nation my culture originates from, cited to commit even more to serving the community in Houston and to improve it. And that was through education. In the summer of 201 3 after my SAT class, I would volunteer at least three hours a day for five days a week helping students from the age of three to five with their pronunciation, reading, writing, and numeration skills. I decided to do this because I know the future of my community depends on education with high standards and proper guidance. Initially, I found it difficult because each child learned differently.