Appropriation English Speech Essay

Good morning/ afternoon, today I’m going to talk to you about the story little red riding hood and how writing and film techniques have been used to appropriate it. Appropriation is when an old and famous text is changed and modernised in the same way. The original text of the little red riding hood is a short story, written by the brothers grim. The short story uses writing techniques such as descriptive and formal language, characterisation through dialogue, and description of characters.

The short story is set in the woods, with little red riding hood and her mother, her mother told her to visit her sick grandmother and on her way she met a wolf. The wolf ate her and her grandmother, until the huntsman saved them and killed the wolf. The film Red riding hood is the appropriation of the original short story. The movie and the short story are both set in the woods and the main characters are the huntsman, little red riding hood, her grandmother and the wolf.

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This appropriation of the story is very dark and includes lots of film techniques to portray the appropriation and theme of the story. The characters dialogue is used in ways of appropriating the short story, though some dialogue from the story is similar to the dialogue they have used in the appropriated film for example “ Grandmother what big eyes you have”. Other techniques used in the film are the use of lighting, camera angles, music, sound and effects. They are used to set the mood mis-on-scene, and story into the film.

Costumes used in the film have also been appropriated through the story, with the use of little red riding hoods, red hood. But in the film there are differences to the original story like how in the film the wolf is portrayed as one of the humans living in the village. Also the short story is more like a fairy tale and a children’s story, and the film is more supernatural and for a mature adult audience. These are the ways little red riding hood the original short story has been appropriated into a film, thank you for listening.