Are Anabolic Steroids Good or Bad? Essay

There is a lot of controversy around the effects of anabolic steroids on professional athletes, weight lifters and the everyday exerciser. Steroids are a huge liability when it comes to your health.

The type of steroid used in weight lifting or sports is typically anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids, officially known as androgen steroids (AAS), mimic the effects of male sex hormones testosterone. The steroid increases the amount of testosterone in the body, thus creating a strong flow of testosterone. Protein synthesis is increased within the cells, which results in a buildup of cellular tissue in the muscles.This is the reason for the drastic increase in mass when a person is on anabolic steroids. In the article dated May 20, 2010, there are many facts proven about anabolic steroids.

The article tells us what was done to prove that anabolic steroids can cause chromosome damage and cytotoxicity. 50 adult males were experimented in this process; 15 of them practice weight lifting and are consistent anabolic steroid users, 15 are weight lifters, but do not use anabolic steroids and the final 20 do not practice any physical activity regularly.The 15 people who do not use anabolic steroids did not show any significant changes in their genome and were very similar to the people who do not practice much physical activity. The results from the anabolic steroid users were much different from the others. “Regarding cytotoxic parameters, the same observation has occurred, that is, significant statistical differences (p < 0. 05) were noticed in the group exposed to anabolic steroids when compared with other controls, as depicted by high frequencies of pyknosis, karyolysis and karyorrhexis” (Renato A. Martinsa, Guilherme A.

S. Gomesa, Odair Aguiar Jr. a, Carla C. Medalhaa and Daniel A.

Ribeiro). Anabolic steroids showed a massive change in the person’s genome. Higher blood pressure became an issue with steroid users as well as negative effects on sexual activity.

In terms of prevention or treatment of the effects of anabolic steroids, there is really no cure for the consequences of using steroids. Not only do they limit a person’s life when overused, they cause severe changes in a person’s mood, as well as causing them to break out with acne all over the body. The best strategy for this is to not use anabolic steroids at all.They are extremely hazardous to your health and also have qualities that make them addictive.

The only positive results of anabolic steroids are in a person’s physical attributes. Even though they do help a person’s physique, this is still a feat that can be reached without steroid use. The pros of steroid use do not outweigh the effects that steroids have on the body. One of the biggest stories in steroid abuse lately is in the case of Roger Clemens. Roger Clemens is a retired hall of fame caliber pitcher who has been accused of steroid use throughout his career.Clemens was put on trial in front of congress where he was charged with lying under oath when he told congress that he has never knowingly used performance enhancing drugs.

This is a very interesting article because steroid use in sports is by far the biggest controversy regarding performance enhancing drugs. It is obvious that Clemens has been around performance enhancing drugs throughout his career, or else there would not be so many people providing evidence of his illegal activity. Clemens is not the only one that has had his career tarnished by steroid abuse.Other Major League Baseball players have also been in the spotlight for their abuse.

Big names like Alex Rodriguez, Jose Conseco, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds are some of the biggest names to be revealed in the past decade which has been considered to be a steroid scandal in baseball. This is a big consequence of steroid use. The effects are so effective in sports, that it is extremely illegal for steroids to be used.

Roger Clemens could have avoided all of this trouble if he always knew what was going on with the supplements he was taken.It is possible that Clemens took steroids accidently, but the fact that he may have taken them is causing quite the buzz in congress. Because of his negligence, Clemens could be facing up to 21 months in prison and a 1. 5 million dollar fine. The use of these drugs can completely tarnish his hall of fame career and the pros of steroid use are not enough to possibly be thrown in jail for. Steroid abuse is a problem that many people face all around the world. The effects they have on the body can be extremely harmful, even if steroids are only used for a short amount of time.

The consequences are so drastic that it is absolutely not worth it to use them. Athletes and people all around the world should learn from Roger Clemens and studies like the one above. Situations like this will make people think twice about using performance enhancing drugs.Works Cited1. Martins, Renato A. , et al.

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