Are you use drugs or alcohol?” Ask yourself

Are you concerned that a family member might have depression or have a problem with substance abuse? According to the world health organization “more than 300 million people of all ages are suffering from depression.” Almost 80% of the world’s population has a problems with substance abuse according to a 2014 study.  Are you afraid that a friend or family member is suffering from depression? There are many ins to look for. One is, ” lack of interest in activities”, not wanting to do something they normally enjoy doing. Another one is, “changes in  sleep patterns”, going to sleep really late or really early and sleeping in. Other signs of depression are changes in what they want to eat, or not eating, or eating all the time. Feeling guilty or despair and Lack a of energy, not wanting to do thing with friends or family. Problems concentrating  or suicidal thoughts and homicidal, planning to kill oneself or others. If you or anyone you know have these signs go to to take a depression test or go immediately see a doctor.If you or someone you know are concerned that you might have a problem with substance abuse ask the following question. First ask, “Do you use drugs or alcohol?” Ask yourself do you spend a lot of time using, abusing or trying to quit alcohol or drugs. Do you feel drugs and alcohol are having negative impact on your work, school, or home life. Do you feel that you give in to your problems with substance abuse or alcohol. Do you continue to abuse alcohol or drugs even if it is hurting your relationship with a family member or friend? If you answered yes to two or more of these quieren talk to a therapist or call a 1-888-628-5957 to talk to a treatment advisor or visit to see rehab centers and blogs that talk about substance abuse and where they got helped and how they got helped.    If your concerned that you are anyone you know may have a problem with depression or substance abuse please take the step to learn more and get help. These are really problems, your friend or family member may just need you to try to help theme, even if they tell you they don’t keep trying. It could be the matter of life and death.