Are You Proud of Your Country Essay

In my opinion I believe we live in the greatest country to ever exist and I am thankful for our country. Even though America has plenty of faults it still is the best place in the world to live. I am very proud of America for many reasons, but here are my top 3. First reason is that America today can now say anyone can aspire to be president. Second reason is that we have the freedom of religion. Finally the third reason we have men and women who serve and make sacrifices in the military.

Barack Obama’s election to the office of president is a great thing for America. I am proud that we as Americans have started to put race behind us and elect officials based on who they are. For this I am very thankful today. Not only do we now have an African American in office we also had a woman who ran for office. That just shows that America is expanding its way of existing and it is now possible for different races and genders can be president of the Untied States.

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In America it does not matter what you believe, you are free to worship how you please. That is not the case in many places around the world. Many people are persecuted for what they believe all over this globe. I believe that each of us should be allowed to choose what we believe, and nobody should be able to take that away. I am proud and thankful that we live in a country where that can’t happen. I am very appreciative for each and every man and woman that is serving or has served in the military.

Each of them are the reason that the first two things are true. The sacrifice that they’ve have made is what makes me and everyone else free to aspire or do things that once upon a time wasn’t possible. I am extremely grateful for everyone who has fought and died so that I could live a better life today. They are what make this the greatest country this world has ever known. Those are the reasons why I am proud of America and the reasons you can call me a proud American.


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