Argumentative Paper That Lefties Face Difficulties Essay

I am a left-handed girl living in a right-handed world! That does make me pretty special, and unique. I’m a true 1 in 10. Of course there is a downside to my exclusive existence; us Lefties face difficulties daily. I’m often stereotyped as creative, independent, a born leader, …satanic?? That’s a lot to live up to! If you don’t believe how tough we have it, try doing any simple task that is designed specifically with a tool for a Lefty, and tell me how you do. From unfounded prejudices to unsafe power tools, it is a wonder how us Lefties make it through day to day.

It’s probably unimaginable for you Righties to understand all the strife we Lefties face. People automatically assume I’m artistic because I’m left handed. Hogwash! I might have been, that is, if my kindergarten teacher would have stopped taking the crayons out of my left hand, forcing me to use my “right” hand; thanks a lot Mrs. Williams! I am also expected to die sooner. Yeah, how do you like that for a difficulty? Has anyone ever saw you throwing a bowling ball, and said, “I read somewhere you guys die faster”?

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I doubt it! Let take a look at simple household products; creature comforts that we rely on daily. For instance, can openers. If you want comedic relief, watch a left handed person struggle to open a can of low sodium chicken noodle soup with that crazy contraption you Righties seem to use with such ease. Writing utensils such as ink pens and large spiral bound notebooks are a lot of fun too. I have to say; I have a permanent black stain and helical indentation from using such primitive devices.

Moving on to the more dangerous difficulties. I can pretty much rule out being a marksman or carpenter, out of fear for my life (and limb). Specific guns are only designed to be shot by right-handed people. They offer a lovely heat spray that is accompanied by a recoil projectile that has been known to clip cheeks and take out eyes of unwary Lefties that use them. Due to the high risk of rogue power tools, I also wont be building houses (or anything else for that matter), any time soon.

It is difficult to use a pair of scissors designed for a righty; I think I will err on the side of caution and not attempt to operate a tool that is not designed for my kind. You left hemispheric thinkers shouldn’t overlook the hardships us Lefties face. I know we are just a squirrel in your world, but we are doing our best to conform. All we ask for is a little understanding and compassion for the effort we put forth everyday and recognition for the difficulties we face. After all… Lefties are the only people in their “right” mind!