The Ways Governments Raise Money Essay

It is true that a person with a Bachelor’s degree or higher will make more none than the average person with just a high school diploma (For Some Graduates, College Isn’t Worth the Debt). It is also true that people with some type of college degree can have troubling student debt (Is a College Education Worth It? ). In a recent study it showed that on average, a person with a Bachelors degree made $48,000 a year, where a person with only high school diploma made roughly $25,000 This shows that, yes, a better education can help you have a better life.

You can provide for yourself, for a family in the future, and do many more things. This is important because it shows that people should go to college. Mainly because they will have a higher income. As of 2014, the amount of student debt owed is up to $1 trillion (Is College Worth It? Clearly, Nevus Data Say). This happens because many people will realize they don’t fit in with a college lifestyle or do not want to pursue their major they started. More 25% of students who enrolled in college do not return for a second year, they wasted either their own or the governments’ money.A survey done in 201 1 said around 45% of students in four-year colleges dropped out.

The federal government had distributed over $175 lions for college loans, grants, and work studies. In 2012, the state governments spent more than $80 billion supporting public colleges. In the year 2002, those who attended college to obtain a bachelor’s degree did not graduate within the six years and lost $3. 8 billion in income, over $560 million in federal income taxes, and $164 million in state income taxes (Is a College Education Worth It? ).Billions and billions of dollars are wasted due to people being too incompetent for the price of college. Most college graduates most likely came from a middle-class family, that being the case, they might not eve had money to pay for their tuition and seeded financial aid. A graduate will come out with over $26,000 of student loan debt. This shows that the economy could weaken because so much money is owed.

That a college education might not be worth the cost. Also too much financial stress can cause a college graduate to rely on their parents, delay marriage or other milestones an adult would have (Is a College Education Worth It? . This is important because a high school student should think about what their financial future will look like if they have to take out a loan for their education ND whether or not they can pay it back with interest being added to it each year. Studies from both recent and previous years shows that college does not always guarantee a high income or better personal life. There are college graduates who are underemployed. Over 1 7 million graduates have or had jobs that required the highest level of education to be a high school diploma.In 2011 a study showed that 50% of college graduates had either a part-time job or no job at all (Is a College Education Worth It? ). This shows that a majority of people from college also struggle with finding a job in our economy, not just high school graduates.

Even if you have the highest degree of education, you can still end up making no more than $27,000 (For Some Graduates, College Isn’t Worth the Debt). This is important because it shows how college does not always help get a high paying job.It shows that the job market does not fit everyone’s level of education. There are successful jobs in our country that do not even require a college education. There are many people who either never attended or never finish their college education. A few examples are Ellen Designers, who is comedian and actress; Walt Disney, ho founded Disney Corporation; Bill Gates, who founded Microsoft; and Steve Jobs and Steve Waking, both co-founder of Apple. They are all leading successful lives and do not have any college degree.

This shows that not every occupation requires you to be successful in your education. Which is important because it shows that not everyone needs to attend college and obtain a degree to lead a wealthy life. There will be lots of people who will disagree and say that college should be a main priority of young adults. They might be right, but everyone is not college ready or ready to handle the stress r possible debt they will put themselves in (The Value Of a College Degree). In some cases, college can actually lead to negative consequences (Is a College Education Worth It? ).Around 40% of college students said they felt “frequently overwhelmed” in a survey done in 201 2 about stress levels, that “the competition for grades, the need to perform, relationships, fear of AIDS, career choice, and many other aspects of the college environment cause stress,” says University of Florist’s Counseling & Wellness Center. This shows that the stress due to college will make people overly stressed, possibly eating to increased blood pressure, depression and anxiety to name a few health problems. This is important to keep in mind because we want everyone to be healthy in a physical and mental state.

We have no clue what the stress could cause someone to do and should not force anyone to try to complete or go to college if they cannot deal with what it has in store for them. It is also important so that people know the hole they are digging themselves and what they can do to not let stress override them. College does not always or will not do this to everyone. Some students will be able to eel with the academically competitive atmosphere and strive for their college degree for whichever career path they choose.This shows that college can have positive outcomes that will not lead to future health problems. That people can handle their stress in a way that will not affect their mental state or physical being. This is important because we do not want to scare people away from a college education if they know they can push through whatever is thrown their way. College may not be what everyone expects it to be.

It will be either the best, monstrously experience that leads to a better life than before lived, or it will dead to a miserable, debt-drowning life that no one expected.