Ariel Levys Essay

There is no uncertainty about it that sex sells. In today’s universe it is impossible to turn on the telecasting without seeing a sexual-based commercial playing. Raunch civilization is known as a sexualized life style. Many concerns. advertizements. films. and people partake in this lifestyle pick every twenty-four hours.

Ariel Levy’s is a staff author at The New Yorker magazine and writer of the book Female Chauvinist Pigs she has appeared in large name magazines such as Vogue and the New York Times. Ariel Levy’s point of view in “Female Chauvinist Pigs” is that raunch civilization empowers adult females. I have mixed feelings about this article. I disagree that raunch civilization empowers adult females nevertheless I agree there is merely a certain manner you have to make it.

In reading Levy’s article she discusses raunch civilization and how adult females feel empowered by it. Women feel like being sexy or sexually stimulating work forces makes them experience more in control. Levy gives a different mentality on the adult females that partake in this life style. Levy feels that adult females are closed-minded when discoursing sexual things. Levy gives an inside expression on certain adult females that partake in this industry by demoing that its manner more than merely “sex” .

Ruanch civilization makes adult females look worthless and gives off the feeling that they don’t have any self-respect. We are looked at every bit merely a “sexual object” instead than a well-thought-of adult female. Ruach civilization suppresses us as adult females and we are acquiring nowhere as adult females with these sort of vulgar activity’s. Womans today are still being looked at as weaker than work forces.

I have googled multiple porn stars of today such as Pinky. Jenna Jameson. and many others ; they all seem to hold one thing in common. These adult females don’t have hubbies. kids. and they don’t acquire along with their household. I know from a personal experience with holding brothers that they would ne’er take a stripper or a porn-star place to my female parent.

It might be cool to kip with them but at the terminal of the twenty-four hours a adult male wants a adult female that is respectable and posh. fundamentally person they can really take place at that place to ma. My female parent ever says “if you don’t have regard for yourself. how are you traveling to hold regard for others” .

Ruanch civilization besides objectifies adult females alternatively of authorising them. I did some research and found a life on Jenna Jameson. a universe known porn-star. on YouTube. She talked about her life. household. community service that she has done. Although she spoke on all those positive things people’s remarks were still derogative. naming her a “hoe” and a “slut” . Even though she has done many things in the community she is still looked upon as nil more than a porn-star.

This is what I meant by stating that ruanch does non authorise adult females. This adult female can give 1000s to charity’s make legion community activities help people all around the universe but her titillating life style will ne’er acquire her the regard she deserves.

If anyone has of all time watched the HBO show called “Sex in The City” raunchy civilization is the whole make-up of the show. Basically the show is about four ladies that are the best of friends they go to parties and they speak about their sexual experiences love involvements and callings. The chief character Carrey Bradshaw is a sex column author for the New York Times.

She gives adult females advice on how to cover with sex and relationships. This to me walks a all right line with raunchiness. In the show people are so glad that she writes these columns. she helps out regular adult females with awkward state of affairss such as sex. This is a different signifier of raunchiness and I really accept it.

Carrey helps adult females get through hard times with the different work forces in their life. A batch of times adult females don’t know what to make in certain state of affairss and experience embarrassed about inquiring person for advice that is where she comes in to assist with her column. She is non demoing her chest or exteriorizing her. she is merely merely giving advice on the subject of sex still raunchy but in the manner that she is composing. it comes off respectable.

As adult females we should come together and halt exteriorizing ourselves. I feel that erotica should be banded on the fact that as adult females it’s acquiring us nowhere. Peoples are merely looking at us as these sexual objects instead than ache sophisticated human existences that we really are. Porn is a shame for all adult females. It makes us look bad as adult females. like as if there is nil more to us than a nice butt and a buoyant set of dumbbell. Levy’s statement that raunch empowers adult females is merely good up to a certain extent.

If you have to set yourself out at that place to acquire attending our show your organic structure so that is non empowerment. There are many other ways that adult female can authorise themselves such as contending for positive/worthy causes. mentoring to immature ladies. and volunteering services for immature adult female. If adult female today concentrate on more of these positive facets of authorization so there will be no need to take off your apparels to make full liberated. These sort of authorising activities will give us the regard we deserve as adult female.

i. There’s no uncertainty about it that sex sells
a. Sexual activity doesn’t empower adult females
B. It is happening every twenty-four hours in today’s society commercials. films. people etc. c. It is impacting immature adult females
d. We have to get down esteeming ourselves more as adult females so we can acquire to acquire on the same degree as a adult male two. Author Ariel levy believes that raunch civilization empowers adult females a. Levy feels that coarseness is a signifier of authorization for some adult females b. I agree and disagree that coarseness empowers adult females

three. Levy feels that as adult females we are close-minded about speaking about sex we should open our heads to different things and how ruanch empowers adult females and makes them experience in control or dominate over a adult male. four. I believe that raunchiness suppresses adult females

a. Levy feels that coarseness empowers adult females
B. She talks about strippers and “how they could learn you a thing or two” quoted by Levy pg. 267 c. I believe that levy is incorrect it doesn’t assist us as adult females to accomplish equality with work forces they look at us as sexual objects instead than human existences.


In ‘Female Chauvinist Pigs” writer Ariel levy speaks on how raunchiness empowers adult females and makes them experience more in control. She gives an inside expression on the adult female who partake in this life style. I believe it doesn’t empower adult females but really suppresses us as adult females. Men expression at us as merely “sexual objects” instead than sophisticated human existences.

As adult females I feel we should hold a batch more regard for ourselves. I believe there are merely a few exclusions to raunchiness for illustration news media or advice columns or a sex physician other than that it is merely incorrect. As a adult female I feel we need to acquire rid of erotica. it’s acquiring us nowhere as adult females. We are non on the same playing field as adult male and I believe that erotica is forestalling it from go oning. If we could come together as adult females and get down esteeming ourselves more I feel a batch can alter in the hereafter.

K. A. N

1. My audience knows about sex and the function it plays in mundane life 2. Raunchiness is stamp downing adult females because we are non equal to adult male 3. The ground its stamp downing adult females is because we will ne’er be able to be equal to a adult male if this doesn’t halt Attitude

1. This is a serious essay so serious would be the attitude I’m traveling for 2. I want them to take this essay earnestly because it’s a serious affair

1. The reader to understand the earnestness of the subject
2. For adult females to hold more self-respect
3. Abolish erotica to assist adult females acquire on the same playing field as work forces 4. To come together to do this all go on