Around making millions per year. Once you

Around Google AdSense Integration with YouTube?


Nowadays many publishers are generating content in the kind of videos that they upload on YouTube to create additional traffic towards their site. Occasionally videos may go viral and also bring in plenty of bonus visitors, which is a true thing. And Google provides an attractive choice to monetize your YouTube station also with AdSense. There are many ways to earn money on the channel but you must do hard work and also ability to make creative video. You can learn the tips to making money on YouTube in the post. So many publishers are optimistic about Google AdSense integration using their YouTube stations to produce extra money besides their sites. You have to do following steps to connect your YouTube station with your AdSense account:

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Apply to combine with the YouTube Partner Program


This April, 2017, Google introduced a new review procedure for all of the channels applying to combine the YouTube partner program. More than a million channels from various countries are making good money as becoming a YouTube Partner Program, and thousands of channels are making millions per year. Once you become a YouTube partner, you will increase revenue in short span of time. Among the prime criteria for the qualification is 10,000 public viewpoints. Visit by monetization to look at your station’s opinion count. Your account must also adhere to YouTube’s partner program policies for approved.


Here are the measures to be followed closely (according to Google):


·        Sign into your YouTube account.

·        At the top right, pick your accounts icon > Creator Studio.

·        From the left menu, then pick Channel > Standing and attributes.

·        Beneath “Monetization,” click on Empower.

·        Practice the onscreen Actions to take the YouTube Partner Program




Could Just One AdSense Account Be Used with Many Sites?

Yes, that is the beauty of this. After your AdSense account has accepted, you can join it with your multiple sites. But keep in mind, to not mess up using Google policies or to replicate or spin articles from other sites. Since you are able to get suspended or prohibited entirely from utilizing the AdSense account.


Here are the measures, according to Google, to perform exactly the same


·        Sign into your AdSense account.

·        From the left navigation panel, then click Settings.

·        Click My websites.

·        Click Insert.

·        Input the URL of the website which you want to include (e.g., If you are unsure which URL to enter, then check the section on formatting the URLs of your websites below.

·        Click Insert site.

·         Your website is added to a website set with a status of “confirmed”.