Arranged Marriage Argumentative Essay

Having this said arranged m arrases are the ideal way to meet your spouse. Arranged marriages can be beneficial because they allow couples to develop bonds and become attracted to each other over time. Parents tend to marry those similar r in fundamental ways. Parents try to “figure out whether something could go [on the wrong try jack] that could drive people apart” because they would not like to arrange a marriage that m ay end in a divorce (Lee 01).

Parents look for potential son/ daughter in law that demonstrates the same interest as their child. If both mates share the same interest, they at least have some qua elites in common. Parents can discover unsuitable qualities in a mate before introducing them t their son/daughter. When you are having an arrange marriage other people may notice qualities I n that person that that bachelor may not be such a fan of.Instead of wasting your time trying to marry the wrong person, your parents try to “find someone that fits ‘that’ mold” (Lee). On the other hand, life is too short to be with the wrong person, most people would like to be with some none who shares the same interests.

Whether it be blinded by love or only being able to talk to their potential osculate for a limited amount of time,(deciding if one is actually going to mar ray that person)