Art History Writing Assignment Essay

The painting portrays the effects afar and what a tragedy it really is. It is pap need in a black, white and grayscale fashion of colors.

One can assume that Picasso pap need in these colors rather than bright colors to get his point across more efficiently. It was not do en to show that war is just black and white. If anything, the absence of color does nothing but MME hassle and intensify all of the pure, raw, and uncut emotion. The painting shows Picasso opinion on bullfighting as well.

Queering is also a tribute to Picasso homeland, which is Spain.This is why you u can see so much emotion behind the characters in this piece of art. Many of the people e in this work (if they are not corpses already) have their heads back, screaming in pain and p ere agony. Picasso aim was to show all of the pain that the bombers had caused. Picasso painting style was extremely unique. He not only fathered and pioneer e red cubism, but he also made large contributions to surrealism as well as symbols SMS.

The way that the people, animals, and objects in Queering are painted makes the work spec