Article Analysis Venzuela Food Shortage Essay

This left wing approach is presented in the subheading, as it reveals “Venezuelan president blames CIA,” situating this as a subheading infers that the author also agrees with the president, hence the article includes elements of being bias. Lopez seems to support former president Hugo Achieve, as he used The Food and Agriculture Organization figures to prove that famine indicators have more than halved “to less than 5% since Achieve came to power,” stating that Achieve assisted in the decrease of starvation within the Latin American nation.

The article targets political and economic readers, which is displayed through the praise given to Achieve and the reason why current president Matador is blaming CIA (for concocting a plan “to destabilize his government, sabotage the oil industry and trigger power cuts. “) The purpose of this article is to inform the reader of the schemes Matador has announced, while getting the reader on the same side, which is achieved through use of emotive language.

Moreover, the emotive language is emphasized with the image, displaying a long queue of people waiting for food. As Lopez begins with Rodriguez, he also ends with a quote y him, asserting, “Part Of me leaves the shop gleaming like I’ve hit the jackpot… As if finding food was a matter of luck. ” This reinforces the one sided view, he knows the last sentence will linger in the readers mind, causing compassion for the people in Venezuela.

Lastly Lopez personalizes the article, as he mentions a local, named Pedro Rodriguez, who Lopez describes to have a “daily battle to find new food,” the use of the emotive language reveals the struggle, hence leaving the audience to feel sympathy towards the locals. Own Views: Considering all the points raised in the article, I believe that Venezuela overspent are not using the money from the oil, efficiently. According to US today, the reliance on oil income has led to the neglect to other economic areas, such as food.

With poor use of income from oil and inflation rising (29. 4% in April, whilst food prices rising to 6. 4%,) along with the scarce domestic production of food and dependents on imports, paves a bleak future on food shortages in Venezuela. OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) is an oil cartel; their job is to organize the policies of the oil producing countries (such as Venezuela) and to secure a steady income to he member of states.