Article Review Essay

There are many different kinds of community health care issues. One that is a popular topic is the lack of health care coverage in the United States which has lead to healthcare reform.

There are many different problems communities face with the lack of coverage. Americans, Hospitals and physicians are greatly affected when there is no healthcare coverage. Health care reform will have an impact on the uninsured. This review will focus on some of the issues. The first article conducted a survey.Adults in low- and moderate-income families are more likely to be uninsured and are more challenged in securing a regular source of health care than are adults in high-income families, according to a new Commonwealth Fund survey (Healthcare reform 2012). The problem with the low to mid income is that the cost of the plans are so high that it makes it impossible for individuals to have coverage and pay there day to day living expenses.

This is something in today’s economy that is continuing to grow which is increasing the cost of healthcare.The survey of more than 2,100 respondents found that about 57% of people earning less than $29,726 for a family of four were uninsured for a period in 2011 and 35% said they were uninsured for at least two years (Healthcare reform 2012). Now in 2013 this number has significantly increased.

Roughly 36% of adults in moderate-income families’ age 19 to 64 earning between $29,726 and $55,875 for a family of four were uninsured during 2011, and 18% of this group said they were uninsured for two years or more (Healthcare reform 2012).This would be why there is a need for the changes to be made to make healthcare more affordable. Healthcare reform could possibly have a negative impact on healthcare. Now that the ink from President Obama’s pen has dried on healthcare reform legislation, healthcare providers in the US are taking a deep breath before making the changes necessary to adapt to the new realities of reform — and fewer dollars from Medicare and Medicaid (Wallin, V.

, Parrott, L. , & Simon, J. 2010).This is forcing some providers to retire early so they do have to deal with the stress of where healthcare is going while other providers are just trying to figure out what they need to do to stay afloat. They should account for the reductions by negotiating with commercial carriers for contract renewals and implementing cost -containment measures.

(Wallin, V. , Parrott, L. , ; Simon, J. 2010). This is going to cause commercial payers to increase the premiums which will have a negative impact. Hospitals need to prepare now.Hospitals that take action now will have a greater likelihood of being able to address any quality and efficiency issues proactively, and any necessary adjustments will likely be minimal and easier to address (Wallin, V.

, Parrott, L. , ; Simon, J. 2010). In conclusion the amount of uninsured Americans has played a huge role of why there has been a need for healthcare reform. No one will truly know what the outcomes will be until they are put to the test. The only thing we know for sure is that changes need to be made because we have too many people who do not have coverage.ReferencesHealthcare reform. (2012).

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