Articles in Bilingualism in the United States Essay

Articles in Bilingualism in the United StatesBilingualism = A Divided AmericaBy Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.http://www.stopthenorthamericanunion.

com/Bilingualism.htmlThis article of Daneen Peterson is an article of criticisms against the Bilingualism phenomena  that is happening in the United States in relation to the Spanish speakers that are mostly Mexican. According to Dr.

Peterson, bilingualism should be opposed because it is contrary to the very concept wherein America is founded, “Out of many, ONE!” For him, to legitimize any form of bilingualism is to destroy the unity of United States. In the entirety of his article, he talked negatively against the Mexicans who comprise the largest Spanish speakers in the United States. According to him, these Mexicans have the plan to overtake the dominion in the United States at least in cultural terms. As they resisted to learn English, they still managed to live in the United States.

  For Dr. Peterson, this phenomena and situation must be reversed to maintain the solidarity of the nation.Use of the Spanish Language in the United States: Trends, Challenges, and OpportunitiesBy Stina Santiestevan article of Stina Santiestevnan had tried to argue that the rise in the population of Spanish speakers due to natural population growth and immigration do not pose any real threat to the culture and solidarity of the use of English in the United States. In the entire article, she cited numerous studies and research that prove that the Spanish speaker population is really trying to learn and study English.

She later on concluded that use of English language in the United States is not endangered by the Spanish language.Teaching Children in Broken English article is in fact a letter to the International Herald Tribune through the New York Times by Naomi Goldblum of Bar Ilan University in Israel.

In the letter, it was emphasized that it is possible for the parents to teach their children to languages and still be effective on speaking both of them. It was prescribed that for this goal to be attained, the one parent can oblige his son to speak with him in the first language while the other parent must oblige the child to speak in the second language. In this manner, the child will be able to learn separate languages and can be bilingual at the age of three and up. According to the sender, this method is proven scientifically.

Bilingualism in Politics in the United States article emphasizes the political policy of Obama in relation to bilingualism. Obama support bilingualism and this is cited by some critics to damage his political power.

According to some critics, most Americans are not bilingual and this could mean lesser support Obama. However, this was negated when Obama took office. This was cited to prove that Obama’s intelligence or edge in other areas had outweigh his support bilingualism that can be cited to be negative for most Americans.ReferencesPeterson, D. (2006) Bilingualism = A Divided America.

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