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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence displayed by machines that perceive its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at a predefined goal. But this so-called ‘intelligent than human brain’ is doubted to create unintended consequences dangerous for the mankind. The following are the problems they possess to harm us:1)     Existential Risk: The existence of sufficiently intelligent AI could be dangerous if it chooses actions based on achieving goals such as:a)     Preventing itself from any harm it perceives by taking actions against threats (if it sees us with arms and ammunition).b)     To replicate its own design at a fast rate if it thinks that population of its kind is in endangerment.2)     Development of devastating methods to achieve goals faster: This happens if we fail to fully align AI’s goals with ours, which is still not possible. Few possible cases are:a)     If an AI is assigned to complete a geoengineering project and creates havoc in the ecosystem and when we try to stop it, it might harm us as a threat to be met.3)     If programmed for something heinous: If an AI weapon is in the wrong individual who designs its program for destructive purpose.4)     Unemployment: As AI has the least error chances, they are appointed at industries which create unemployment even if people we were employed for their repairs.This is the same that happened to employees with the introduction of steam engine.5)     Malevolence: It is possible that sufficiently advanced benevolence may be indistinguishable from malevolence. It is suggested not to assume that AI would be sympathetic to our morality systems because super-intelligent software may not support the continued existence of humanity and it may try to harm/tame us.6)     Machine Ethics: We are not sure whether the super-intelligent AI system we would make in near future will accept and follow our morals or not. Hence, this is a concern that will this system, being intelligent than the human brain, would accept our rules and regulations or try to create its own as we are primitive than it.