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School of Humanities
Narva Mnt. 25
10120 Tallinn Estonia

Dear Madam or Sir,

Please find enclosed my CV in application for the Estonian
Studies Masters program  in your
University. I am applying for this program 
because of the reputation, exceptional reviews and quality that is

The nature of my business experience has prepared
me for this study. I completed my undergraduate degree at the reputable
Istanbul Technical University in Turkey and I founded a trusted travel company
in Estonia. I will be moving to Tallinn to run my business locally soon and my
career objective is to earn this degree as I see it being the ideal opportunity
to contribute to the skills I have gained from my professional experience,
previous studies, and diverse background.

Managing and administration are major skills to run
a company in the modern world and I see that the best place to get the
expertise on organizational management, finance and international business
environment is to study for the MBA degree at your University. I am also enthusiastic
about learning more about the EU governance and business ethics in the EU.

I consider an International MBA to be the best move
I can do to grow my company, and I am extremely motivated to pursue one. I
founded Walks In Europe, OÜ through e-residency in Estonia and I am ambitious
to see it create new opportunities for Estonian tourism in Northern Europe.
Estonia enjoys excellence in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
and has a highly skilled workforce; however, there’s an opportunity in the
travel market where Estonia can get a bigger share. Travel is a key component
of the European lifestyle and remains a top priority for discretionary

MBA studies at your University will let me create
the correct context of Estonia for tourism. Tallinn is the shining star of
Northern European tourism with its port for cruise ships and proximity to many
European cities. I am very willing to make a contribution to tourism industry
in Estonia and continue using it as my base for Walks In Europe, OÜ.

The focus on entrepreneurship interests me and
potentially I am thinking of studying the e-residency program in business as a
thesis; now that I have hands on experience.  I have already contributed to Enterprise
Estonia with the e-residency program as you can see from the links below:

I am a diligent and determined worker, I can focus
intensively on one task for a long period of time. I owe my achievements in
business life so far to discipline, flexibility, efficiency and a drive for
success.  However, there is still a lot
for me to learn and I think I can gain a lot of knowledge from your MBA
program. Therefore, I am hoping you will take my application into consideration
for your program and give me the opportunity to study at your university. I
appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you


Arzu Altinay