As but once we do be able

As stated earlier, services will be served
through multiple online platforms. However we are planning to expend our line
of services through exclusive memberships. We have already started the free
exclusive membership on our Facebook page where we posted exclusive content for
our Facebook visitors. Will we apply the same method on our developing website
and this will feature more benefits. For 8 Bit or Higher products, it will
consist of T-shirts, coffee mugs, posters and stickers.


The type
of services:

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Videos on gaming news, movie news, tech news, discussions on certain topics,
movie, game, and tech reviews. Videos are uploaded weekly.


Live stream on a popular live gaming platform. This platform allows us to
interact with our audiences as we play video games. This creates a relationship
with our viewers. Live stream happens twice a week; Wed & Thurs.


Created a FB page where not only regular content will be provided but also exclusive
content as well. It is also a way for fans to communicate with each other and
creating group discussions.


Public: A screen print and delivery platform. We uploaded most of our designs
on to this platform to sell our merch.


events: We have not yet become vendors but once we do be able to sell our
shirts at gaming events.


We are currently creating a platform for members that not only will get
exclusive content (different exclusive content than FB) but also will receive
limited edition merch from us as well.