As Malacca has been accused as disputed among

shortens the route to Chinese ports by 12000km thus it would act as a connecting
agent along the geography. Different hubs and economic nodes having a large concentrated
amount of resources would have a connection. It will help in linking demand and
supply sides of market. The route will connect South Asia and East Asia.

China being
an economic power wants the world to change the view about security being more
important than economy. CPEC will greatly help in connectivity in the region
and might play an important role in further globalization . , the term “Greater
South Asia” is debated since a decade, which includes China, Iran, Afghanistan,
and stretches all the way to Myanmar” (khan & Khan, July – September
2016) 2 .

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Chinese face a lot of challenges from US presence in Pacific
Ocean.  Ga wadar port along with being on
the mouth of Persian Gulf will help them to stay away from US naval activities
and also away from naval bases of India. The Chinese have accelerated the
process of developing Gwadar around the time when  US announced withdrawal of forces from
Afghanistan, thus allowing them to introduce new economic ventures in
Afghanistan and other Central Asian countries (Rizvi, 2016)

Strait of Malacca has been accused as disputed among China
and other Southeast Asian countries. China imports largest part of its oil
supply through the Strait of Malacca, so it has some reservations that, if
other East Asian countries make alliance against China, then they can impose
naval blockade on narrow Strait of Malacca and can choke China economically (Cheeema,

The route provides a safe and secure way of oil to china
along with the decrease in shipping distance. And consequently less shipping
cost to a great extent in Middle East and African countries baing located at the
fore front of strait of hormuz , the hub of annual $40 trillion trade.



The Central Asian Republic States (CARs) are situated in the
heart of Eurasia, and are rich in oil and natural gas resources with major
reservoirs in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan, the world powers, all
regional and international, look for natural reservoirs of resources and get
desire to get close to and have deeper interactions with the states having
them.  For CARs, all of the five
landlocked countries wish to get access to the sea and diversification of
energy channel which CPEC project can fulfill (Butt & Butt, 2015)