As and white. Red is a colour

As part of my merchandise,
I chose to create t-shirts and pens. The front side of the t-shirt has
the first part of my slogan which says “Don’t suffer in silence”. I chose the
colour combination of red and white. Red is a colour that catches people’s
attention as it is an intense colour that represents the colour of the blood,
which shows the suffering of the victims. I wrote the sentence in capital
letters to make it well visible to the public and to emphasise the message. At
the back of the t-shirt, I put a red hand, the second part of my slogan that is
saying “Say no to domestic violence!” and a helpline number. The red hand
symbolises the stop sign and by using the sentence “Say no to domestic
violence!” right below it, it will send a message to influence people to report
and stop violence; and the phone number is for victims to call to get help and
report domestic violence. I am consistent with these sentences, as I use them
in all my merchandise as well as in my poster and social media.

For my campaign I chose to do a Facebook account because it is used by people, ranging from young
people to older people, which includes my target audience, and it also allows
people to share posts and lets me include some websites to raise awareness. I
chose “Say NO to domestic violence” as the name of my Facebook account because
that is the name of my campaign. I wrote NO in capital letters to emphasise the
message, so that people say NO to such crimes. I used this name in all my
merchandise as well as my poster to stay consistent and so that people remember
my campaign. In my Facebook account I am promoting my merchandise by including
the prices; I included statistics to show how serious this crime is and I also
included a phone number to encourage the victims to call for help and to
report, and a website in which people can give donations and find out more
information. This was done to achieve my aims and to raise awareness. I also
used to same picture as the one I used for my poster as people will remember my

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Overall,  I believe that my campaign is organized as
well as well as well-designed to meet the requirements to raise awareness for domestic
violence, because I aim to prevent these unreported crimes to arise in future
by influencing people to report it as well as support and help the victims of
such crimes. I also designed my merchandise and social media in a proper way to
capture people’s attention and it is simple to read. Since I am consistent with
the image and the message, it allows me to achieve my aims. The materials were
also well chosen for my target audience as it is something that they usually
use. The targeted audience was well chosen as I targeted people that have
higher chances of suffering or are already a victim of domestic violence. Since
I chose 10 different universities and colleges, and I ordered 50 pens and 40
t-shirts using £450 that I gained through donations, I was easily able to buy
as well as sell these materials and make a profit of £525, which I then used to
create more materials. All these facts made my campaign very effective and I
was able to reach many people and help them.