As for on-going help. Schools should have

As part of the curriculum, students should learn to identify bullying language and actions in themselves and others. They should also be taught positive communication skills. When knowing knowledge like this it will help create a more positive environment where bullying is less likely to occur.  There should be an established system for a child to report being bullied in every school and get immediate help from the school. A counselor and other professionals should meet with the children involved and their families to determine a solution. There should be classroom discussions about the motivation and effects of bullying to sensitize students and promote self-awareness.This could help students that are being bullied feel a little better.  Children should understand that bullies are children who have experienced some form of bullying themselves (sometimes). They behave aggressively in an attempt to retaliate. They are kids who feel weak and experience the same effects of low confidence. They attempt to elevate their confidence by encircle themselves with other youngsters whom they can control, who frequently feel unreliable themselves. Spooks at that point discover somebody to lessen trying to blow up themselves. It should be emphasized that children who are bullied suffer terribly. The education can help the kids to improve, more positive decisions and to wind up noticeably the school’s accomplices in disposing of tormenting. Directing should be accessible to kids who are tormented, for the bullies and for the individuals who help the harassers. Whenever required, these kids should be able to contact outside specialists for on-going help. Schools should have to have solid repercussions for Bullying. Bullying is presently an unlawful offense and there ought to be 0 resistance for this conduct. This is how I think schools should handle Bully’s and why