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As long as I can remember, I have felt a great passion for helping others. When I look back on my childhood, many of my actions were motivated by this desire. Whether it be friends, classmates, or even my sisters, I have always had the urge to jump into action whenever someone in my orbit needed assistance. Although this was an instinct, it was not until I was a bit older that helping others blossomed into a career interest. Simultaneously, my fascination with science, primarily biology, grew. What better way of incorporating my urgency to help with my love for biology than Nursing. I specifically wanted to enter in adult nursing as I have always had a vast interest in the human anatomy and the way medical science has developed to tackle both long-term conditions and acute illnesses that face the growing and aging population of both the UK and globally.  

Not only is nursing such a fulfilling profession with an incredibly wide range of unique working opportunities worldwide, which I believe I would thrive in. Having lived in multiples countries; Singapore, Spain, China and France, and mastering over four different languages, I believe my international upbringing makes me perfect for the growing global professing of nursing. The copious international schools I have attended and regular moving has transformed me into an open-minded, well-adapted and communicative student. These are indispensable interpersonal skills that can be directly transferable to nursing. With the UK’s nursing variety in the wards and in the community due to having such a diverse and multicultural population, combined with the abundant opportunities to practice abroad, being versatile is vital. 

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The Nursing program is very intense and stressful and nurses have to assume many responsibilities; as members of the healthcare team, they are charged with coordinating care and meeting the physical, emotional, cognitive, social, and spiritual needs of those under their care. However, the International Baccalaureate course has taught me to be prepared, be flexible, keep my goals at the front of my mind and constantly update my skills which will help me remain a desirable commodity in the rigorous field of nursing. The CAS program has also given me the skills to purposefully reflect upon my experiences, identify further actions for personal growth, embrace new challenges and adapt to new roles needed to get me started on this career.

On my free-time, I am a very active person and participated in the AVBA – Association Volley-Ball Aixois, and oftentimes practice football. Thus preparing for the very demanding and physical career of nursing. As my mother recently suffered from a depression due to a psychological delusional disorder and was hospitalized, I regularly had to assume maternal roles such as caring for my younger sister, cooking, giving my ill cat numerous amounts of medication, cleaning the dishes and the house, etc. This unfortunate incident helped me grow prematurely, assume responsibility and have a broader outlook on various mental illnesses. Moreover, throughout numbered visits in the hospital, I witnessed many nurses in action which further fueled a passion for helping and treating people.

In the future, I may wish to pursue a career in acute care or surgical nursing and I feel that an adult nursing degree will be the adequate first step. I am profoundly passionate about nursing and I am in great anticipation for a long and rewarding career.