As activities. Health and Child Mortality: Illness

As of 2012, 863 million people called a slum their home but there are multiple negative impacts that result from slums in which is very alarming. These slums can affect everything in community as well as about a community from education to political and social exclusion. Women and Girls: Women and girls are not able to get time for education as they are forced to do multiple different things such as carry water long distances, caring for sick family members etc. But slums with poor sanitation facilities have a higher risk of sexual assault due to that these types of washrooms are far away from the slums so others that go there can easily get sexually assaulted as well as in most slum communities there contains some bad people that usually get involved in these kinds of activities. Health and Child Mortality: Illness and disease spreads like wildfire in slums meaning that different types of diseases spread extremely quickly in slums. That is because since slums are very crowded it gets very easy for others to get sick due to that others are living right next to multiple strangers who could get sick and those who live in slums never really get any space to breathe without someone right next to them. Education: Social and cultural barriers don’t allow children from certain slums to be able to get an opportunity to receive an education. Multiple children never receive a real education that are apart of slums and those who do get an education only have complete of  a primary education plan.    Political and Social Exclusion: Slum dwellers are often ignored by higher class people such as governments, businesses etc and this means that  they are excluded from voting, city development plans and full protection under the law. This then makes these people feel like they don’t have rights and a voice like others have in which makes them constantly face political and social exclusion from those around them.