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After using the program can a child: 4. Now sit at a computer and successfully click the start menu button? 5. Successfully type its own name? 6. Successfully follow instructions given by a computer? If the answer to all of these questions is YES then I have succeeded in what I set out to achieve. So far I have yet not had the time to complete all of the presentation. Therefore I cannot go on to this stage as yet. I understand and have ideas of how this would work and do believe that if I had given this presentation, fully competed, to my five-year-old sister she would fully understand and enjoy it.

I believe that it would meet the criteria set in my proposal: I intend to produce a piece of software to enable young children to establish the basic computer skills as a foundation to there IT learning. What I would have liked to do if time had allowed! 1. Used Macromedia Authorware as the software package to implement my own software. (Time restriction made it near impossible for me to learn how to use Authorware. I wish that I had learned how to use it as Power Point was too basic for what I had intended to, and to be frank it was really no fun to work with.

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I have learnt though that there was a lot more to it than I initially thought, for example I did not think that I could incorporate sound using Power Point but found that by using “Action Settings I could not only have pre-recorded sound effects, like applause, but could also transfer files, like MP3’s or in my case voice recordings. Good for future reference. ) 2. I would have liked to include a scoreboard, to enable me to record the users input and also for the users benefit of finding how well they done.

(With the way I have my slides and links at the moment I realise that this would not be possible, as the user must select the correct answer before moving to the next slide. ) 3. To add to the contents I would like to have had more activities, for example Maths skills, drawing and design skills. Not only would this add variety but also reinforce use of the keyboard and the mouse. Skills already practised throughout other activities. 4. I seen a curser on a Disney website a while back, it had trailing coloured circles.

I thought of adding that thought it would make the software more child friendly. 5. I have a few ideas from Microsoft Creative Writer, where by the user can choose to have music playing while they work. I thought this would be quite fun. EG the user could choose from different pop songs to listen to while they learn, like Brittany Spears or Atomic Kitten. 6. In Keyboard skills I would have liked the user to choose a level, the harder the lever the longer the word that they have to type. 7. In both activities I would have liked a timer so that there could be a time limit on clicking or typing. 8.

In mouse skills I would liked to have had a censor areas around the colours so that if the user missed the colour it would be classed as wrong, since the whole activity is about accuracy. 9. To have an escape button so that the user can finish the activity without completion. Technical Guide Your Guide to trouble Free Learning Parental Section Your software includes a parental page to help you solve any problems that you may have during your learning experience. It is geared towards adults to allow you to solve any little glitches and to allow you to see how your child will learn. System Requirements.

Windows? 95 or higher 450 Mhz Intel? Pentium processor or 500 AMD? Athlon? processor  128 MB RAM  Microsoft Power Point  Keyboard  Mouse User’s Manual Basic User Interface The Software uses a Graphical ser Interface (GUI). This GUI makes use of a pointer device (such as a mouse) and a button (left mouse button). These two together will allow the user to make choices. THE USER INTERFACE IS KEPT CONSTANT THROUGHOUT. Navigation Each page is opened by navigation through the opening page. Click on the activity you wish to do and the software will open up the correct application for you.

At present there is no way of escaping the application without correct completion. Volume The recording levels of the various audio clips through out the software may not be consistent; therefore it might be necessary for the user to change the volume on the output speakers accordingly. List of References  LEARNING – Approaches and Methods in Psychology (H) resource pack ADIBOO – child learning game  Microsoft Creative Writer Evaluation Even if my project has been rather rushed I still feel that I have met the majority of the problem criteria and the process (if not the solution) was completed minutes before the deadline.

However due to the circumstances there are many aspects of the project that if time was on myself could have been done a lot better. This would obviously resulted in a better overall performance. Initially I feel I set my goals too high. If at the date the project started if I had rationally sat down and took a good look at the specification a was setting I would have realised just how unrealistic actually designing, making and writing up the project would have been. Although I do feel that I have made a mighty good effort in myself to as much as I have done.

Even rationally thinking about it the write up has taken a lot longer than I thought it would. I feel that I have made a conscious effort to include as much as possible and have tried to see the software from a psychological approach to enable me to focus on the actual learning rather than the skills available. I feel I have fulfilled my objective; * I intend to produce a piece of software to enable young children to establish the basic computer skills as a foundation to there IT learning.

On a negative approach I feel if I had worked during free periods without teacher help I would have managed a much better attempt. I felt it really hard to get the initial stages of the project off the ground. I have treated S6 a little to lightly I have come to realise. Too many nights out resulted in slacking on a school day and too many games of cards resulted in not much getting done on those oh so useful free periods. Now the library is packed with Sixth formers piling in to make those critical conditional offers from university.

And Belmont’s three Advanced Higher Computing Buddies spend the sunny Easter Hols behind the screen of their laptops, typing away. I do feel I could have done a lot better if I had given myself more time. We were sent to Prestwick Academy to complete the course at the end of March, as our school had no Computing teachers due to ill staff. I have found myself struggling at many aspects of the advanced course. It has been a large jump from higher to say the least. My hopes of a ‘B’ are over, but at least I can say that I tried. Ashley Elizabeth McLeod Belmont Academy, Ayr 981867807.