Aspects of literature Essay

Meanwhile, there are certain aspects of literature that require higher level of understanding such as style, tone, atmosphere, and figurative language. Every writer has a different method Of writing, but for the most part, writers use a general structure when composing a new piece of literature. Each type of literary piece (narratives, poems, essays, speeches) has a different structure due to different reasons – each category of literature has one or more ways to shape and form the writing but it depends on the overall purpose and type of publication.

Critically thinking about literary writing is less tricky than it sounds. Critical thinking merely requires deep Hough and examination. Challenging assumptions and observing different perspectives is the most important part of literary critical thinking. Literary elements are the foundation to effective writing. The common literary elements that we have been exposed to since elementary school are the building blocks of good writing. Without a setting, set of characters, or a theme, would we have been interested in reading as children?

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Probably not Stories as well as all other literary writing require certain elements that give meaning and purpose to the words that are being read. The elements that extinguish one author from the next are elements like style, tone, and purpose. If every author had similar, or even identical writing styles, people would get bored and there would be no “best sellers” because there is nothing to differentiate them between one another. Literary elements are what compose a well-developed piece of literature, regardless of what language you are writing in.

Structure is important in life, which is why we have structural engineers decide what the best way to construct bridges and buildings is. Similarly, writers tend to follow a certain format or structure when writing. A writer imposing a fictional story will follow the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution layout. Meanwhile, an author who is trying to persuade an audience to believe something will follow an entirely different structure. Poems are a good example of freedom to arrange thoughts and words into literary pieces.

Anyone who has ever taken an English class knows that there is a plethora of ways to create a poem. Different types of poetry include: elegies, epigrams, sonnets, haiku’s, limericks, and even structured and free verse poems. As the last two suggest, there are ways to write poems hat allow you the freedom to compose words however they flow the best, or you can choose to have a set structure with a consistent rhyme scheme if necessary. Structure or even the lack of structure at times, is what gives a literary piece credibility and value.

Critically thinking about writing is easier than the common reader may think. Many times, authors will purposely try to create writing that will have a different affect depending on the reader. It is very important to pay close attention to literary elements such as main idea, purpose, point of view, support, and even things like bias. An accurate way of critically analyzing a ice of literature is identifying the basics of the topic, analyzing the material by reading between the lines, addressing different perspectives, examining the text in detail, and finally identifying personal opinions and position.