Asperger s Disorder Essay

The particular features of Espaliers are trouble with social interaction, especially returning and amphetamine with the Of others; difficulties with nonverbal communication such h as facial expressions; certain speech habits that include repeated words or phrases an d a monotone voice and a fascination with strange subjects such as doorknobs or railroad schedule sees. (Frey, 201 2) In a physiological perspective, brain imaging studies have shown no cons Steen evidence of any type of lesion, and no single location of any lesion in subjects. The inconsistency on the results of various brain imaging studies have been iatric etude to the fact that people with Espaliers represent a highly heterogeneous group in terms of UN deridingly pathology. To doctors’ knowledge, a very small structural of brain abnormalities have be en associated with Espaliers, which includes the left frontal Macromedia, bilateral propeller poly micrograms and left temporal lobe damage.On the other hand brain imaging techniques like Posit Ron erroneously tomography and single photon emission tomography, which provide informal ion about functional status of the brain, may be more helpful in determining the brain d hesitation in individuals with Espaliers.

Neurophysiology testing support these findings by providing information about the individual right or left hemispheric brain regions. (Saba year, 1996) Some medications may improve specific symptoms like depression or hyperactivity, but no medication exists that specifically treats Espaliers syndrome.Like physiological perspective, evolutionary perspective is thought (? ) that chi lilied with Espaliers have a genetic mutation or defect. The “genetic mutation” or d effect raises the risk of Espaliers and explains some of the symptoms. A way to treat a child w tit Espalier’s in an evolutionary perspective is to look to their genes and study how their gene communicate and how they will affect future genes, but there is no specific treatment or “cure”.In a cognitive perspective, many discussions have been led to say that early a appearing domains of social impairments in Autism includes social orienting, joint attend ion, response to the emotional displays of others, and face recognition. These social impairment fits, many of which appears by the first year of age suggest that espaliers is related to dysfunction n of early developing brain areas involved in social cognition.

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Nonrecurring studies ha eve identified overall brain regions that are important for social cognition, including temper al lobe areas and associated nuclei, frontal cortex, and inferior parietal cortex especially and the Brooch’s area. Several unromantically studies have identified abnormalities In the medial t emperor lobe region and cerebellum within autistic samples, although these finding have not been replicated in all studies. One of the more consistent neurotransmitter findings associated with a autism has been evidence of increased cerebral volume or brain weight. Evidence of different l brain enlargement found in young, but not older, children or adults with espaliers suggest that increased brain volume may be age related and reflect accelerated develop .NET processes early in the clinical course of Espaliers.

But, postmortem and imaging finding of BRB main enlargement have also been observed in older individuals with Espaliers suggest that the developmental course within individuals may be quite variable. (Dawson, 2002) A kind a treat meet that could be used is training a child to recognize a troublesome situation and then selects a specific learned strategy to cope with the situation.In the behaviorism perspective, doctors take into consideration how children w espaliers think behave, patients identify the relationships between unhealthy thinking patterns, disruptive behavior and negative emotional responses in upsetting or impair Eng situations. Psychologist carefully evaluate the patients commonly occurring problems the at they face. Treatment requires active participation by the patient in the form of emission exercises which includes teaching and practicing social rules and social principles.Discussing ND practicing higher level skills like understand the emotion and intentions of others.

In a sculptural perspective, it is thought that the child with Espaliers is not exposed to enough social interaction and the the stress of different social environment s causes the child to not be able to interact with others properly. A way to treat them in a social turtle perspective is to try and teach the child in a different way, its hard for the child to learn the unwritten rules of colonization and communication when it’s taught like a language.Try to teach the child like its a name, and they get prizes fifthly were to something right and get to understand ND what is the “norm”. (Wearer) In a humanistic perspective, psychologist believe that the individuals environ meet is unfit for proper social interaction and the individual made a conscious choice to the Eire patterns.

By examining how the individual perceives their ability and competence; their into renal frame of reference, if their level of perceived classifiable is low, that person will doubt his or her ability to succeed. A treatment for a humanistic perspective is the oscilloscope like try