Assemblege vs Op Art Essay

While researching art movements I came across a lot of them. There were so many I didn’t know where to begin. I decided to start with one and come up with the movement that I didn’t particularly care for the most and work my way up. As I was looking I could not find one. In each movement I found pieces that I liked, I was getting a little worried.

I finally found one, The Assemblage movement, particularly the Collage segment is not a favorite of mine.It seems to me to be junk, It looks like the artist just put the junk on whatever the sculpture or painting was and called it art. Even though this is not my favorite movement I still found some aspects that I liked. I liked the fact that the artist seemed to know what they were doing.

The artist didn’t just say “hey, let’s just throw some trash here and call it a sculpture”, they knew that they liked the Assemblage, Collage and went for it. The artist also thought out the way that they would place the pieces on the art usually, like well prepared.It was all well thought-out.

As I said in my first paragraph, I really liked a lot. I really appreciate the classic movements like impressionism. I also really respect expressionists, however the movement that I chose that I really liked was op-art. I chose this movement because it was totally different. I really like the way that it is like an optical illusion-ish type of art. It is really different from a lot of the art and sort of modern in a way.