Assessing the business of the body shop Essay

“ Love beauty and love goodness ” is a widely recognized motto in decorative companies. The enterprise and invention decorative companies make when they are taking corporate societal duty has become a important factor for them to pull consumers ‘ eyes. Presents, the medium pays unprecedented attending to CSR. The proposal of Global Compact gives companies a opportunity to take part in international concern, promote international repute and set up international links. The organic structure store takes societal duty as its vision and mission. The Body Shop exerts great attempts to follow with the Global Compact. Therefore, the Body Shop is ranked as one of the most well-thought-of companies. The Body Shop makes accomplishments on extinguishing forced labor and promoting environmentally friendly engineerings. The concern patterns of the Body Shop can be learnt to better conformity to the two Global Compact rules.

Business Practices of the Body Shop

Harmonizing to The Body Shop ‘s International PLC values study ( 2009 ) , there are five values about societal duty, which are being against animate being testing, back uping community trade, triping self-esteem, supporting human rights and protecting our planet. The Body Shop places environmental protection as the cardinal value of merchandises and take steps to promote environmentally friendly engineerings and cut down the negative impact on environment. The Body Shop protects against carnal testing in merchandise research. Harmonizing to the values study ( 2009 ) , The Body Shop cooperates with Greenpeace International to stress on the importance of renewable energy. The Body Shop has a good tradition of sourcing and recommending renewable energy. The Body Shop besides develops environmental friendly bundle.

Harmonizing to the values study ( 2009 ) , The Body Shop begins to present 100 % recycled plastic bottles. And all the plastic bags are replaced by paper bags. The Body Shop is really prudent in the usage of chemicals. The Body Shop listens to and plants with stockholders to utilize chemicals decently. Besides, The Body Shop is active in the environmental protection activities in the universe, for illustration the development of alternate energy beginnings. Many financess are invested in environmental protection callings.

The Body Shop defends human rights and activates self-esteem. Actions are made to protect the rights of employees and extinguish forced labor and mandatory labor. The values study ( 2009 ) manifests that The Body Shop creates an Ethical Trade programme. The providers of The Body Shop must subscribe up The Body Shop Code of Conduct and supply scrutinizing information of labours to The Body Shop. The Boy Shop Code of Conduct agreements with the international labour criterions. It stipulates that forced labor is non allowed, kids labour is out, workers should be imposed on inordinate working hours and other judicial admissions ( n.d ) , which will protect the rights of labor. Besides, harmonizing to The Body Shop functionary web site ( 2011 ) , The Body Shop cooperates with ECPAT to establish a run to contend against kid trafficking. This is besides an attack to extinguish forced labor.

The lessons learnt

Presents, environmental protection issue has become the focal point of the populace. Environmental protection is the most of import portion to stand for CSR. Thus, developing societal environmentally friendly engineerings is the nucleus competitory advantages of the company.

The forced labor can cut down merchandise cost and convey approximately great benefits for the companies. However, it is unjust to other companies. It is unjust competition, which will decline the forced labor phenomenon. The forced labor may take to tariff barrier and distort international concern order. It besides distracts companies ‘ attendings on technological development and harm companies ‘ repute. Therefore, extinguishing forced labors is good for the long-run development of companies.

The sense of mission on taking societal duty and comply with Global Compact endows The Body Shop with personality and verve. The Global Compact is the inevitable by merchandise of economic globalisation. The conformity of Global Compact can assist companies to advance direction, optimise concern environment, save societal resources, better public dealingss, enhance companies ‘ images cultivate corporate civilization, accumulate intangible assets and win better chances. The awards and success The Body Shop has won is a good illustration.


Environmental protection should be infused into the corporation civilization and go one of the nucleus values of the company which is good for the development of the environmental friendly engineerings.

The development and diffusion of environmental friendly engineerings should infiltrate in really portion of the companies, from renewable energy use, merchandise trial, production, bundle, the disposal of the waste and so on.

The cardinal research, hi-tech research and technological research for public public assistance are reinforced. The environmental protection theory should accommodate to the planetary alteration. Different sorts of stockholders are involved to develop the environmental friendly engineerings. The suggestions and audit of stockholders are necessary.

The environmental protection criterion specification system is established. Besides, the environmental friendly engineering direction system is established. The invention of environmental friendly engineering is encouraged.

In order to extinguish forced and mandatory labour, the ordinances on protecting the rights of workers must be formed. Every one in the company is required to stay by the ordinances.

The providers of the company must subscribe up the ordinances to do committedness to be in conformity to these ordinances and protect the rights of labor. The providers ‘ behaviour must be audited by a believable 3rd party or professional in-house assessors of the company. The scrutinizing information must be informed to allow the company know the on the job status of employees.

Ethical preparations are carried out to better the on the job conditions of employees. The employees are encouraged to larn new accomplishments. By go toing to preparation classs, employees obtain a sense of wellbeing. They are more likely to protect their ain rights.

Human trafficking is one of the chief ways to turn workers into forced labor. Therefore, battling human trafficking is an effectual manner to extinguish forced and mandatory labor.

Different stockholders should be engaged to scrutinize the public presentations of companies. Companies should publicise Global Compact study and do the information of production procedure transparent. The audit of CSR is implemented to oversee the public presentations of companies.


The proposal of Global Compact gives companies an chance to acquire involved in international concern, heighten international repute and set up international dealingss and obtain more development chances. The Body Shop ‘s patterns in contraption to Global Compact can give some enlightenment to better the contraption. Although promoting the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly engineerings and extinguishing forced and mandatory labor may intend great input of human resources, material resources and fiscal resources for institutional investors, these steps will convey great repute and net incomes for them for the long-run.

Extinguishing forced labor can maintain international concern order and just competition can besides good for the company. The employees can besides profit from these steps. Furthermore, the consumers and other people around are influenced by the environmental protection position of companies. The trade names of companies are recognized and the environmental friendly consciousness of the populace are enhanced.