Assessment Operational Plan Essay

Skills gained (Y/N) Self confidence Positive reinforcement, Goal setting Communication Applying open and closed questions, tone of voice and correct body language Novo knowledge Explore and understand the code of conduct in regards to the industry and the products the company sells H Sales and Marketing Applying current market strategies and recent data base, Jan 2015 Managers comments: Focusing on communication skills, and the tone of voices being used. Focusing on positive reinforcement and goal setting and rewarding staff within the set time frame. Gaining the assistance of Tony in relation to current market strategies Signature Staff member’s comments Having a timeshare with an incentive will allow us to gain recognition. Coaching Session with Mary C: Mary your manager has given me all your details so we can work towards your goal of becoming a trainer. C: Can you tell me why you would like to become a trainer.

M: I have been with the company for some time now and feel with the knowledge have regarding products, I would have the knowledge to train other employees. C: Thank you Mary for sharing that with me. C: Your manager has also noted on the form that your role with the company is bookkeeping/administration and you have just completed a certificate in bookkeeping. Congratulations M: Thank you C: AS your coach can you tell me what you are aiming to achieve. M: To be a trainer I need to be confident in my presentations, confident in dealing with Taft, and be able to make decisions that do not end with possible confrontations, but most of all enjoy my role as the company staff trainer. C: In this coaching session I would like to work with you in the dad’s of positive psychology.

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M: Can you tell me what it is C: The dad’s of positive psychology is designed to map out your direction and how we can achieve an outcome C: The first D is discovering C: Mary what do you want to discover M: I want to discover how to be more confident C: 2nd D is dreaming about the future. C: Mary can you tell me where do you see your self in 2 years M: I want to be trainer and be able to present training courses C: 3rd D is designing the future. You have told me your future is to become a trainer in the company C: Deploying that design. For us to achieve a positive outcome and increase your self-esteem and confidence, I want you to work with of your team members over a period of 4 weeks. At night want you to use a journal and write down all the positive things you did while working with your colleagues. C: In our next coaching session I will have the information for you in regards to the train the trainer course.

Appendix 5: Coaching session Comments/feedback to coach Observers evaluation sheet Coaching session: One Hour The coach made Mary feel comfortable and relaxed. She was agitated in the beginning The coach is using the dad’s as her coaching model and had set Mary a goal. The coach wants to work on Mar’s self esteem and getting her to work with two of her Work colleagues. The coach has arranged for Mary to have another coaching session in 4 weeks, when her goals are re assessed Next visit will be in the work environment, where she will talk to Marry manager and Have some feedback from her manager Appendix 6: Coaching session – Coach’s self-reflection sheet Coach’s name infer Phone no.

Listener’s name Assessment site Coaching date’s Time’s Employee’s name Mary 1 :Respond to these questions with your feelings and thoughts about coaching. What was your initial reaction to the coaching exercise? I enjoyed the coaching. Being able to map out a persons direction and help them to improve who they are as a person. Writing in a journal over a period of time allows them to see how much they change. This is a short term goal that after 4 weeks her goals will be re assessed 2: What was your overall assessment of your performance as a coach? Give reasons for this assessment. I was able to gain information from the manager which allowed me to have a background of Mary. Working on her goal as a trainer my observation showed she was lacking in self confidence.

Her goal for 4 weeks is working with two team members, this will increase her skills and confidence. 3: What do you think were some of your strengths during the exercise? Applying observation and open questions allowed Mary to tell me exactly what she wants to achieve Applying empathy and building a rapport allows Mary and to work together Using active listening was able to hear what Mary was telling me and the tone in her voice : What do you think were areas where there was room for improvement? Having a better background knowledge of the company where she works Using more questions Applying different strategies in the structure of the company 5: What kind of strategies can you think of to help improve your coaching skills?

Get the client talking more about emotions and what they want to achieve working on problem solving, time management Informing employees of deadlines and working towards achieving an outcome Communication skills 6: What do you think will be the cost of not implementing new strategies into our role as a manager? Staff will have low moral. They will become dish interested in any projects and provide a below average outcome. Goals that will be Set by the manger will not be reached. Staff will have no purpose to improve their skills and knowledge 7: What are some valuable skills that you have learned today to help you in your role as manager/coach? Work with the staff and set guidelines as to what is expected from them over a period of time.