Assignment 1- 3: Rafael’s Research Team Essay

Assignment 1- 3: Rafael’s Research Team

The next step is to define the research problem. I would explain to Raphael that defining the research problem is one of the fundamental things that would determine the direction of the research. This would also include defining the research area and a quick review of how the research hypothesis is arrived at.

The reason is this: Raphael has already defined the research problem which the correlation between the willingness to learn new skills and the concept of self efficacy. He has also identified the variables that he wants to research on which are the different set of people – those who are willing and those who are not willing to learn new skills. He has also gone to the next step which is to identify his point of view which is ”correlating the people’s willingness to learn new skills with the concept of self-efficacy. So naturally, he should go to the next step which is to define the problem.

Assignment 2-2: Clearing up Confusion
Rafael comes to your research team meeting feeling quite overwhelmed after an exhausting meeting with his advisor. He needs a strategy for evaluating the articles he read in preparation for writing the introduction to his thesis. He finds the terminology, concepts, and ideas in a few of these articles confusing.
What steps would you suggest he take to clear up this confusion?

·         The best approach is to look for relevant literature to his study.

·         He does not have to read everything before he can come up with a good literature review.

·         He should only try to define concepts that are pertinent to his research problem.

·         Also, the most significant works should be reviewed in order to have a broad view of the concepts, and not just any research paper.