Assignment Essay

Media Announcement Air Asia Plane Skids at Kucing Airport Good morning to all of you. I am representative of Air Asia Berhad to respond plane skids at Kuching Airport. An AirAsia aircraft AK5218, an Airbus A320 from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching had accidently skidded at the verge of Kuching International Airport. This accident happen because of heavy downpour cause visibility was poor. The plane was landing during a downpour and it causes skidded. Other possible cause is plane had landed on soft soil on the edge of the runway.

In the time, there were 123 passengers on board the flight. Four passenger were getting minor injuries was sent to hospital immediately. All other are safe and have been attended. AisAsia will take responsible and compensate to all passengers. The captain of the affected plane was explain that, plane managed to bring the aircraft to a safe stop and carried out a precautionary evacuation in line with the company’s standard procedures. Kuching International Airport was immediately closest for repair the line and also AirAsia take responsible find out the cause in this accident.

AirAsia and Kuching International Airport staffs were to remove the plane for checking. AirAsia also carry out a full investigation with the Department of Civil Aviation(DCA) to know what is the main causes due to this accident happened. AirAsia had prepared a dedicated phone line for guest affected by the closure of Kuching International Airport. Affected guests are advised to call 603-2614 2999, and enter password 123110111 to know the latest information from AirAsia. Public also can call this number to know the situation of the passengers. Thank you for having here. Any question we are kindly respond it.