Assignment Ethical and Social Responsibility Essay

Relativism and Morality do they belong together in a sentence when discussing the life of a person or do any of us give these words any thought? After reading “Some Moral Minima” by Lenn Goodman that certain things are simply wrong I do agree with her for example ask yourself is wholesale murder wrong? What will you decide as I go through each of her topics of genocide, politically induced famine, and germ warfare; terrorism, hostage taking and child warriors; slavery, polygamy, and incest; and rape and female genital cutting.First we will look at Genocide, Famine, and Germ Warfare a good example of this would be racial prejudice which means the exclusion of one by sex or color, language, class, or educational attainment. We read all the time when applying for a job we do not discriminate and the importance of ethical behavior. We can think of a lot of times throughout history this has happened with Adolf Hitler’s Genocide story, Racial Prejudice of The Cambodia of the killing fields, Killing of Kurds and Shites by Saddam Hussein of Iraq and The China of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

Where was someone who had a heart during these killings or where was someone to say this is wrong, and better yet how did these people become in a place of power? There should be some higher place in government to prevent these types of crimes against these political leaders’ even religious leaders throughout the world. I believe if the world had the decision to vote on war, war would ever be chosen?You can look at any of these horrific events and see that these innocent people did not deserve to die just because someone for example Adolf Hitler thought he was of a higher ethnic group than any other ethnic group. Next we look at terrorism, hostage taking and child warriors when is dying for a murder okay? We look at all of the hatred in the world especially the war that is still taking place but the hatred in our school systems. We have anywhere from high school children to very small elementary children wondering could there be a shooting in my school someday and if so would I survive.Who wants to have children in a society that a parent would have to even stop for one second and think would my child ask this question? The world today is very sad, as Americans this is what we ask ourselves but to a different religion that believes in suicide bombings for example as mentioned in the Serbs were paid twenty five cents a pop for shooting passersby from the upper stories in Sarajevo, or Iraqi insurgents got twenty bucks for lobbing a grenade.I ask myself what do I think about these other religions that would not think twice about blowing me up but in my religion I couldn’t even think twice about harming another and I do not believe the current war that the United Sates is involved in honestly it makes me want to move outside of the country. The world today is sad but although war has always existed.

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Next slavery, polygamy, and incest now there are three words a typical American would not want to read about first hand. When I hear the word slavery I cringe or any of those words for that matter.As mentioned in the text murder is destructive but slavery keeps its victim alive while stripping him or her of agency, assisting it to others who do not share projects, hopes, or interests, but subordinate his or her capabilities to their wants.

The text also mentions that around 700,000 and four million persons male and female both are trafficked yearly across international borders including some 50,000 into the United States. Now I thought that slavery was dead but I am very much so wrong.These people are used for many purposes including promises of employment a better life, prostitution, and labor. A person of the United States could potentially run the risk of being sold when making the decision to go to another country being kidnapped. This is a human beings life we are talking about wrong is just that it is wrong. Lastly we look at rape and female genital cutting again I will say these are just subjects that we do not think about every day.

Rape well that word is just wrong, and nothing makes rape right!Rape is not only a word of crime it is a words of a powerful crime. There are so many meanings behind rape but above all it means no power it means to be humiliated, to have everything taken from a person aside from their sexual choice of whom they are with. As for the relation of rape and female genital cutting again it is humiliation. It is a parent’s choice in the United States to circumcise a male, a choice that its parents make, and some cultures to my understanding may believe in removing a female’s clitoris but again this is just mutilation of a female and wrong is just that wrong.All in all I do agree with Lenn Goodman wrong is just wrong. These subjects that have been discussed one would not think about on a daily basis but for myself at least after reading about these horrific events and having a better understanding I have more appreciation for the country I was born into which is the United States.

The things that we as Americans take for granted every day is more than what I had realized. I am all for people being allowed to do what makes them happy but again wrong is just that it’s wrong.ReferencesGoodman , L. (2010). Universal justice in a diverse world. Some Moral Minima, 19(1), 88-92.