Assignment Unit Essay

Brazil since they had allow shipping the secret herb there; however other ingredient has to be from Brazil which can harm Zip-6 because Brazil may not be able to keep up with the demands due to harvest they may need. Basically the demands will affect Mexico, Korea, United States and other countries they may purchase these drinks. To change the concentrate production to Brazil is risky without knowing what Brazil can or how they can product the product they need. Think it is best to research that before changing the central concentration site from United States to Brazil.

The best bet in this situation is going with Brazil with the import of secret herbs and other ingredients if needed. Seek if that can be imported and Zip-6 can place Brazil as one of their central concentration site for producing these formulas and export them to United States, Mexico, and Korea. This will help keep Brazil as part of their market and able to try keep up with the demands around the world and keep up the sales with this chance. References Hill, OCW. (2011).