Confronting Physician-Assisted Suicide Essay

The article “Confronting Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: My Fathers death” by Susan M. Wolf, is a very powerful and emotional charged article to read. It is very hard to say what one would do when placed in a situation like Susan Wolf was.

l, myself have never been put into a situation where had to help make life and death decisions on someone else’s life. an say that I would not want my father or any other family member to suffer specially when the end result is going to be death. In this paper we are not required to deal with the laws of the different states or the statistics instead we need to look at our own feelings and emotions. My first instinct would be to argue for physician assisted suicide, who would not want a loved one’s pain and suffering to end sooner rather than later, but then there is the religious side of me that says it is in God’s hands and we must let him take care of it.

I also believe God puts certain things in our hands and gives us the knowledge to deal with them. So I will start out by saying that for the most part I am a supporter of assisted suicide and euthanasia. The major reason support them is because do not believe that a person should have to go through unnecessary pain and suffering if they choose not to. Now that I have said that let me clarify a few other things. would not for any reasons agree to physician assist suicide for someone who is simply depressed or who simply feels like dying.I only support physician assisted suicide and euthanasia for a person who is terminally ill and who will most likely die a painful death ithout it. This is a very serious subject not to be taken lightly.

Before reading Susan Wolfs article I had not put much thought into physician assisted suicide but after reading it I could not help but think what if I was placed in her position. Wolf herself even knew after her first response of NO “l knew right away that needed to think through my no. ” (Wolf, 201 0) Wolf had to rethink how she felt about physician assisted suicide.

I think it is easy for one to say they are in support of it but to actually be in support of it with ones on family can be a very different thing. eel like my first instinct would probably be like Susan Wolfs and to say NO but after did some soul searching I would agree to help them end their suffering if I could. I cannot help but think that this would probably be one of the hardest things I would ever have to decide. But I would also have to realize that this was their choice and that they had a right to make it.In the end I feel like it would be better than having to possibly watch them suffer needlessly.

would like to briefly touch on the subject of assist physician suicide for a person who is depressed or in an altered frame of mind. A person can be under mental Stress for many different reasons but it is not incurable. The person Will not suffer through needless pain to just die in the end anyway.

What the person is feeling at the moment will most likely pass, even if at the time they do not think so.There is help for them and for this reason I do not believe in assisted physician suicide for a depressed or mentally impaired person. Susan Wolf makes a statement at the end of her article “l would not want to bear the burden of having “accelerated” of causing his death by euthanasia or assisted suicide; this is hard enough. (Wolf, 2008) This is where I have to disagree with Susan Wolf. For me the bigger burden would be to not help my father accelerate his impending death, if that was his wish.In part I feel this way because would feel responsible for my fathers pain and suffering if I did not help end it with physician assisted suicide or euthanasia if that was his wish. Would it not be selfish on my part if I did not want his pain and suffering to end as soon as possible? I had to watch my husband as he stood by his father’s bedside and seen him suffer over many weeks before actually passing away.

Although like Susan we too have some fond memories we shared with him in the last few weeks, feel like it was much harder on my husband to see his father suffer and not being able to take away that suffering.So why I can understand Susan and even possible hold some sympathy for her, I still cannot bring myself to agree with her. I am sure this is a subject that will continue to be debated over many years to come. Almost everybody has an opinion on this subject. Some will most likely fall back on their religion as their reason to oppose physician assisted suicide and euthanasia. I choose to believe it hould be left up to the individual placed in that situation. always remember the saying ‘You never know what you might do unless you’re in that situation. I personally think that pertains to this subject.

Why I can understand the position Susan Wolf takes on the subject, I have to disagree with her on it. feel like a dying person has the right to make their own choice about dying with the aid of physician assist suicide or not. While realize this may not be a popular choice with family and friends at the time, I do think there should be enough respect for the person to make his or her on choice nd to decide what is best for them at the moment.I think it is our duty as family and friends to respect the decision of the dying individual and to not impose our feelings on them.

understand this can be a hard thing to do at the time but we also need to understand we are not the ones suffering needlessly. Some of our decisions in life are very hard to make and cannot help but to think this has to be one of the hardest ones.