at assisting and investing in social and

at all times, PDO endeavors to
be an excellent company citizen. We function in an environmentally accountable and sustainable fashion, dealing transparently and definitely on the idea of open and aggressive bidding
with contractors and suppliers and assisting and investing in social and community initiatives.

a complete review in 2002 that led to a
sweeping change programme, PDO laid
out formidable production-restoration plans based now
not best on waterflooding however additionally on stronger oil restoration (EOR) strategies:
the software of warmth, chemicals or fuel solvents
to alter the way oil or injected water flows in a
reservoir. but, so as for them to be sustainable in the
long run, the plans needed to be completed for notably much
less money than firstly envisaged, making them all of
the greater challenging. a total of $2 billion
in value savings over the five-year length 2002 –
2008 have been included into
the organization’s budget. happily, because
of the lengthy-term nature of investments that
might be required, the Omani government agreed on
the quit of 2004 to increase PDO’s exploration
and production concession and running agreements
for 40 years – till 2044. 

in the meantime, gas remains a boom place for
the business enterprise. a new gasoline-processing
plant changed into commissioned in Saih Nihayda in 2005,
and another one is due in 2008 for
PDO’s newest gas subject in Kauther. With the
addition of
those processing plants, almost one-third of the
hydrocarbon strength that PDO components will come
from natural gasoline—the gasoline that has a crucial function inside
the authorities’ monetary diversification plans. 

PDO as a result now faces a powerful set of demanding
situations. but the execution of its EOR tasks,
the growth of its fuel manufacturing and the implementation
new ways of operating suggest that,
technically in addition to socially and environmentally, PDO
will continue to be within the vanguard of the place’s
oil and gas business