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At a very nascent stage of my youth I realized that I want to do something for women empowermentand gender equality, my passion for the above course led me to join Rotaract , it focuses on thedevelopment of young adults as leaders in their communities . Their I worked as a director ofcommunity service to create awareness regarding cancer among women for that I went to slum areas inMumbai imparted knowledge regarding cancer initial symptoms , causes , precautions and differentgovernment schemes to assist them in medical process to cure it .I also created local health championsto create awareness regarding the same. At present I am working with municipal schools, Anganwadiand government institutions to create financial literacy among illiterate parents.After completing my course I would like to work in the field of women empowerment and upliftment. Asper 2013-14 Agriculture census around 60% of Indian population are indulge in Agriculture and alliedactivities and their total contribution to country’s GDP are only 16-17% .If we want increase GDPcontribution percentage, it’s necessary to increase women contribution in agriculture allied activitieslike dairy, fisheries etc. In patriarchal society like India to promote women empowerment andupliftment , it is important to increase women contribute in house hold income.Women in rural India spend around 70-80% of their time in doing daily house hold chores and lookingafter elders which is not adding to the GDP because these are extended SNA(system of national account)activities. So it is important to indulge them in the activity which is less time and capital intensive toensure that they actively participate in income generation activities. So I would like to form womencooperatives related to dairy, pickle making, jewelry making, fisheries and other agriculture alliedactivities depending upon the resources and skill available at village level. Creating women cooperativeis a small part of the entire value chain, providing them timely resources related to raw material ,monetary support , support from different government and non-government institutions , findingsuitable market for the product and generating demand through different promotional activities .Inorder to develop these functions and make them self-sustainable I require deep knowledge in finance ,marketing , project management , entrepreneurship and human resource management .Cooperativesare based and promote values like equality , democracy and solidarity which is useful in empoweringwomen .There are numerous examples of women cooperative’s worldwide that have changed life ofmany , I would like to be part of that change