At provide a reparative emotional experience that leads

At Holistic Healing Counselling, we work with kids to help them explore their feelings for health and wellness improvement to gain control over unavoidable situations through quality holistic approach and play therapy.

We are a leading provider of first-class counseling and therapeutic services with the highest of ethical standards for children and family. We are based in insert location and have been in the industry for over # years. We believe that through play therapy and problem-solving counseling services for the child and parent, improved communication, interpersonal relationship, and better emotional well-being will be achieved for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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We understand that counseling children require stepping beyond the traditional talk therapy into the world and language of children. We are professionals with quality training in play therapy, and understand that children communicate best when they can express themselves in a way that is most natural for them “play”.  Using toys in place of their words, children can share their feelings, thoughts, and experiences when words are just not enough. So we design our sessions to develop and provide a reparative emotional experience that leads to healing and strengthening the child’s sense of self.

Painful and difficult experiences are a part of our life, they’re glued to us forever. But with our unrivalled expert services, you can trust us to work closely with you to understand and come up with the perfect solution to the challenges in your child’s life. Through our advanced methods, we will uncover the negative notions keeping your child from leading a meaningful life. The results can reduce anxiety, build trust and mastery, elevate self-esteem, and encourage open communication.

Through our self-healing and unique mind-body approach, we create a safe and favorable environment of laughter and play to help recover and heal the soul to help build the child’s inner wealth.

Holistic Healing Counseling is dedicated to providing professional psychotherapy services through a commitment to excellence by integrating mindful practice for transformation and greater wellness. Take a bold step on a positive road to growth and well-being NOW.