At nursing services; performing heavy administrative duties; liaising

At a glance, nurses look after and care for sick and hurt patients in all health care settings including hospitals, schools, and more. Nurses also do medical research or train other nurses on how to do their job. They also work with technical equipment to monitor patients’ conditions, while also making sure they get the right medication on time. When nurses are empathetic and understanding, it can keep the patients calm and helps the patients that are nervous or in pain. Nurses also have to communicate with doctors and other people from healthcare team very frequently so everyone is caught up on how the patients are doing (Career Cruising- At A Glance.) This job is suitable for me because for both central aspects, I answered “Like very much.” Also, the secondary aspects were mostly answered “Does not matter.” But included “Like” and “Dislike” (Career Cruising- Suitable For You?)All nurses start out as a Staff Nurse. Staff Nurses give general care, medication, treatments, and they perform some administrative duties. Staff Nurses make about $45,000-$65,000 yearly. Next, you become a Head Nurse. These nurses do the same things as a Staff Nurse, but they also arrange schedules and assign duties for other nurses. Head Nurses also perform these administrative duties but for certain units, floors, and wards. They also make about $65,000-$80,000 yearly. Finally, you become a Director of Hospital Nursing Staff. They are in charge of, “Overseeing the hospital’s nursing services; performing heavy administrative duties; liaising with other hospital departments; assisting with patient care and treatment as necessary.” Says Career There are many different types of nurses. They all do different things, but all nurses have hard working conditions. A registered nurse (RN) can work in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, prisons, and walk-in clinics. Normally, RNs can work from 35-40 hour weeks. Hours can be in shifts, about 12 hours each, that could all include days, nights, weekends, and holidays. A registered nurse (RNs) can earn from about $47,000 to $103,000 a year. The median salary is $68,000 a year. The more training you have, the more money you can make. RNs that have bachelors degrees tend to make more money than other nurses. They can also make more money by working overtime. Being a nurse can also get you a few benefits such as health insurance, paid vaccinations, and paid sick days along with a salary. To become a RN you need a high school diploma and you need to take a senior level science, math, and English classes, and you need to apply to a nursing program. There are two ways to become a RN in college. The higher level of education you have, more advantages will be available. After graduating the nursing program, you have to pass the national licensing exam. You can continue your education to specialize in certain areas such as gerontology or pediatrics.