Attacking and Defending a Castle Essay

Battering Ram The battering ram was used for knocking doors and thin walls down. It consisted of banging a chopped tree against thin walls and door with the strength and force of 6-10 men. It was good because it was easy to transport because of the wheels at the bottom and it was more efficient than pickaxes. It was bad because it was generally made of wood which could catch fire easily. Catapult The catapult was a siege engine which was used to throw projectiles over walls.These projectiles included stones and in cases of a siege, rotting corpses of cows and humans. The catapult was good because it could be fired from a long range. It was bad because It was quite hard to transport.

Siege A siege was the most common way of attacking a castle and it was when an army of men stood around a castle until the people inside the castle starved to death. Sometimes the siege would last for months. They threw rotting meat, dead humans and cows inside the castle so they could spread a disease inside the castle.Sieges were good because it was a very successful process.

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Sieges were bad because it was a very slow process. Ladder Ladders were used to scale small castles. The attackers would send their army up ladders hoping to get over the castle wall but it was very unsuccessful because the people could just throw objects at the attackers whilst they are climbing the ladders or they could pour boiling water down at the attackers.