Atticus Finch Essay

Atticus finch was nominated as one of the “greatest characters in the past 100 years. ” This award did not go to an undeserving character. Quite the contrary happened when this award went to Atticus. This is proven through his humility, his unwavoring wisdom, and his ability to do the right thing in any situation. Atticus Finch problably won the award solely because of his humble quality’s. This is shown when the “mad dog” was on the loose and Atticus dropped it in one shot, but said nothing about it. You only learn how truly great Atticus is when Heck Tate mentions it.

This also makes him look like sort of a badass which slightly changes your opinion about Atticus from a boring old man into a more exciting character. Another example of humility is when Scout learns that her father is the best checker player in town, “Well, did you know he’s the best checker-player in this town? ” (Lee, 120). Up until these events Jem and Scout were starting to think that their dad wasn’t good at anything and were disapointed in him because he was getting to old for everything. Atticus’s endless wisdom also played a major role in nomination for this prize.This is because every man would love to weild infinite wisdom, and with him being that character with that attribute makes him admirable to everyone who wishes to improve upon who they are. He teaches his biggest lesson when he tells Scout, “You never really understand a person until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.

” (Lee, 57). This is something that everyone needs to learn and Atticus puts it in the best way to comprehend. Another lesson Atticus teaches is to tell the truth because if you lie you will feel guilty about it for the rest of your life, “Best way to clear the air is to have it all out in the open. (Lee, 366).

These are just two of the dozens of lessons Atticus Finch teaches people about life. Atticus’s courage is shown when he takes the Tom Robinson case knowing that he will lose, he just wanted a black man to have a fair chance in a courtroom full of white people and that takes more courage than anyone can imagine. Mr. Ewell was trying to put the blame on Tom and make him hang for it, but Atticus would not stand for it and he took all kinds of crap for it, but he took a stand and did what was right.

He defended Tom at the jail and stayed there all night, he took the threats from Ewell, and he let his children take the racist remarks from everybody. This is the characteristic that problably gave the final shove and got him the nomination. Atticus’s characteristics of humility, wisdom, and courage won him the nomination of the “greatest character in the past 100 years”. This is the perfect award for him to receive because he deserved it more than anyother character in litterary history.

How could anyone disagree?