Attitudes About Writing Essay

Writing academic papers covers many topics, there informative and studious. It is different from ordinary writing; may require research, references and points of view. Academic writing teaches one how to capture and hold the readers attention. Although new in this arena, I enjoy the reading and writing of assignments. As time passes, I expect to improve on my writings. If you have enjoyed writing in the past, what did you like about the process of writing? Yes, writing was an escape for me. It was a way to release myself, a form of therapy.

I was able to pen my thoughts in the form of poetry, or basic writing. I wrote about dreams and fairy tales. Being adopted and later placed in group homes has placed me in a position to read a lot. When the time permitted, I spent many hours in the library, reading just about anything to keep from returning home. But academic writing is another category. Did you have any of the misconceptions about writing? No, I haven’t, I just enjoyed writing about things that interested me. I wasn’t writing to become a novelist, just expressing my thoughts.

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Later on in life, I began to understand, if writing was fostered anyone could write. Everyone may not become a journalist or poet, but can write effectively. Again, being new at this; run on sentences, and punctuations will be eliminated or added. What did you learn in the chapter that you think might be helpful to you in writing papers here at Ashford University? Writing is an act of expressing thoughts and ideas, piecing together of words to formulate sentences. Whether writing a book, journal, and poetry or research paper; just about anyone can relay a message. You don’t have to be one of the best to write.