Audience and Dennis Essay

As many people know, the organization PETA is successfully known for the persuasiveness and encouragement of a person to protect animal rights; mainly by not wearing fur. PETA is abbreviated for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. ” They enhance their advertisements, arguments, and websites by using famous celebrities and adding a strong, meaningful text to their arguments. The advertisement including the famous NBA All-Star, Dennis Rodman, was an advertisement in which he tried to persuade his audience to be more comfortable in their own skin and avoid wearing animal’s fur.

Although this ad may affect Dennis’ many fans, it also pushes other people, such as the younger generation teenagers and the upper-class fur wearers, to simply not wear fur. It persuades the audience to not wear fur by using the superstar basketball player, the shocking image of a naked, tattoo-covered Dennis, and the strong message delivered, “Ink Not Mink. ” These three things make the audience reconsider wearing fur and possibly improve their outlook on animal rights.

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Dennis has played for five professional basketball teams and is known for his fierce rebounding skills and defensive abilities. Because he is now retired, the advertisement has more of an effect on his audience because it shows that even though he is finished with his career, he still shows his awareness and interests in the major problems associated with PETA. The ad also has a major use of ethos by linking the audience with the social celebrity for which they are knowledgeable about. In this advertisement, Dennis Rodman is head-to-toe completely naked.

This is what first catches the audience’s attention. Covered in extremely recognizable tattoos and identifiable piercings, Dennis shows that he is simply comfortable in his own skin and is not afraid of expressing himself. He not only is having a major impact on his fans, but on the teenage standpoint as well. When most people think of fur-wearers, they think particularly of wealthy women. By using a male representative, the audience may not think of the ad and crisis as being more feminine. There is an extreme amount of pathos going on in this advertisement.

When first looking at the ad, the reader’s eyes automatically focus on the naked, tattoo-covered superstar. Dennis is crossing his arms and giving a mean, serious glare. This enhances the audience’s emotion greatly because Dennis is almost talking through his glare and trying to give his audience a little scare so they will think twice about wearing fur. Him being naked may also humanize him as being an animal and almost give the message that he would rather be naked and covered in his tattoos then to wear fur.

It also shows that he is very comfortable in his own skin and not afraid to show it off. His tattoos have a great impact on the audience’s attention as well. They symbolize him with the patches of an animal’s fur which might help with the reader’s thoughts immediately picturing an animal. The correspondence with the tattoos and Dennis’ facial and physical expressions help with the audience’s grief and sorrow for the animals. The bolded noticeable phrase, “Ink, Not Mink,” is shown in quotations, followed by a hyphen and Dennis Rodman’s name.

This shows that Dennis is the one directly saying this because of the quotations followed by his name. The expression is stated right beside Dennis’ head which pushes you to look over at his deep glare. Towards the middle of the ad is stated, “Be comfortable in your own skin and let animals wear theirs. ” This automatically attracts the reader’s attention because the word “your” is used as if it is directly being referred to you. Dennis is also staring and making complete eye contact with the camera which draws your attention to him even more.

The logos in the ad are illustrated by the underlying assumption to not wear fur because you have your own skin and your skin is the same as an animal’s skin. Towards the bottom of the ad is the PETA logo followed by the website furisdead. com. By using the strong word “dead,” the reader automatically thinks about the animals being dead. The background is also completely white, so it draws more attention to the colorful tattoos and designs on Dennis and the loud black text being used. The overall purpose for this advertisement is to convince and try to ersuade people to be more comfortable in their own skin and to not wear fur. Though many people ignore these disturbing circumstances, this ad was the perfect representation for that particular audience. It used a great example for the situation; Dennis Rodman. His tattoos and the strong, effective text helped connect the audience to the cause even more because Dennis is obviously comfortable in his own skin. They may not take action on the situation right away, but they may be more aware and think twice about the next time they see fur.