Autolec Division at Sundaram Fasteners Limited Essay


1. INTRODUCTION TO TRAINING: The training is the first step for perfection. Training improves knowledge, Attitude, and skill of trainee. Most of the training fulfills the knowledge where the persons lagging behind. The trainee must learn practical knowledge t solve the problems when they are working in the organization. The training gives the more ideas when they are more involving the work.

The institution and organization have offered a wonderful opportunity to the student to learn during Summer training. This training assists the student to get better knowledge, ability, attitude, values and individuality.It also helps to breed ideas for solving the problem in the organization. TVS is India’s largest Automotive component groups.

TVS group was established in 1911. SFL is a part of TVS. SFL was established in 1966. SFL has 6 operating divisions: Autolec, Fasteners, Radiator Caps, Precision Forged parts, Hot Forged components, and Metal Form Division. SFL is the first Indian company to get ISO 9000 certification. It is a global customer base company.

I have undergone my summer training in Autolec Division whose products are in the market since 1965. 1. 2. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY:The training has been done on the basis of the following objectives at Autolec division: ?To obtain knowledge about autolec division @ sundaram fasteners limited. ?To know the functions of various departments.

?To gather knowledge about how theoretical aspects are applied in the practical life. ?To get knowledge about manufacturing facilities available at Autolec division. 1. 3. SCOPE OF THE STUDY: This study is confined to study the marketing and financial area Of TVS SUNDARAM FASTENERS LIMITED @ AUTOLEC DIVISION. 1.

4. METHODOLOGY OF THE TRAINING: METHODOLOGY AND TOOLS:This training has been done in a systematic way of interacting with the employees working within the organization. INTERVIEW METHOD: Direct interview was conducted with employees and executives. It is more useful for the trainee. TOOLS OF DATA COLLECTION: Here the data collection can be divided into 2 ways, that is primary data and secondary data. PRIMARY DATA: Primary data collection is done by interacting with the employees working within the organization and through direct observation.

SECONDARY DATA: Secondary data are collected from company’s websites, reports and libraries in an effective manner. TOOLS USED:The trainee has collected all relevant information and used tables and charts for reporting the information. 1.

5.. LIMITATIONS OF THE TRAINING: ?Executives found hard to spend time as they are busy with their work.

?Lack of time to learn more about TPM. ?Due to short span of time the trainee could not meet all the departments. ?Labour cooperation with the trainee is limited. CHAPTER 2 COMPANY’S PROFILE 2.

1. HISTORY OF THE COMPANY: 2. 1. 1. THE TVS GROUP: ? The TVS group includes 33 companies ?Their Sales is around US$ 3 billion. ?They have diversified their business into 2 wheelers, computer peripherals and electronics.

They have made alliances with world leaders. ?They have their ‘TVS’ brand equity ?They have quality, Service, Reliability & Ethics as their guiding principles. 2. 1. 2. SUNDARAM FASTENERS LIMITED: ?SFL was established in 1966 ?They have 6 operating divisions : Autolec, Fasteners, Radiator Caps, Hot Forged Components and Kramlington Forge (UK). ?In 2005-06 their Sales is around Rs. 12 Billion (US$ 240 million).

and their International Sales is around Rs. 3. 2 Billion (US$ 71 million).

?It is the first Indian company to get ISO 9000 ?All divisions are QS 9000, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 certified ?Ther are the winner of TPM Excellence award. ?They follow Global customer base. ?They have a unique IR record : not a single working day lost since inception. ?They have Global Manufacturing presence: Manufacturing facilities in China Malaysia and UK. 2. 1. 3. AUTOLEC DIVISION: ?Autolec Division is a part of Sundram Fasteners Ltd.

, ?Their products are in the market since 1965. ?Autolec Division’s Sales for 2005-06 was Rs. 298 crores ( US$ 66 million).

?Their Export Sales: Rs;163 Crores( $ 36 million). ?Their Share of Business: oDomestic Sales – 45%, Exports- 55% oIn Exports- OEM-93% & Aftermarket – 7% They have 6 manufacturing units, located at 2 places in Chennai – Gummidipoondi & Velappanchavadi and one in Malaysia. ?They Exports their products to US, Europe, Africa, Middle East, China, South East Asia and Australia. 2. 2. MISSION: ?It will be our endeavor to become a world class supplier of Automotive parts.

?we shall meet customer requirements on cost effectiveness, quality and service constantly. ?we shall involve all employees and train them to achieve set goals. 2.

3. VISION OF THE COMPANY: ?To become a world class organization. The hallmark of this vision has to be total customer satisfaction. ?This can be achieved only by offering products of consistent quality of competitive price, meeting delivery schedules and commitments.

2. 4. THE AUTOLEC DIVISION’S PHILOSOPHY: ?They believe that excellence is a journey not a destination. ?They will continue to expand their markets globally by satisfying their customers with Quality systems. ?They look forward to growth through synergistic and mutually beneficial partnerships. ?This vision to excel propels them to excellence. 2.

5. STRENGTHS OF AUTOLEC DIVISION:The Autolec division has numerous strengths and they are the following ?They have their wide product Range. ?All plants are ISO 9000/ QS 9000 certified. ?TPM practices are strictly followed in the company. ?All their products are supplied on self-certified basis. ?The company follows Backward integration. ?The company has their Low/High volume production flexibility.

?Excellent industrial relations. 2. 6.

PRODUCT RANGE: The Autolec Division has been in existence from 1965 and is today one of the leading manufacturers of Pump Assemblies and Engine Components Pump Assemblies ?Water Pumps ?Oil Pumps Front Cover Modules ?Fan support Assembly ?Mechanical Fuel Pumps Electrical Fuel Pumps ?Feed Pumps ?Auto belt Tensioners ?Belt Idlers ?Sophisticated facilities such as fatigue testing machines and scanning electron microscope are available. Engine Components ?Valve Tappets ?Rocker Arm Assemblies ?Cam Followers and Injector Levers ?Damper Pulleys ?Rocker Arm Shaft ?Turbo charger bearing housing 2. 7. COMPETITORS: The SFL Autolec Division’s Competitors are ? JKM – Dynamic technologies ?RICO Auto ?Allena Industries ?AL Pump Ltd. ?UCal ?Accura Industries.

2. 8. APPLICATIONS: The products of Autolec Division are applied in Passenger cars ?Heavy and Light commercial vehicles ?Off-road Vehicles ?Tractors ?Harvestors ?Forklifts ?Earth Movers ?Marine Engines ?Power Generation Engines (Generator) ?Two-wheelers 2. 9. BACKWARD INTEGRATION: The autolec division is backward integrated. It is one of the very few water pump manufacturers in the world to have in-house facilities to manufacture Integral Shaft Bearings, Mechanical Seals, Ferrous Castings and Aluminium Castings. BACKWARD INTEGRATION ADVANTAGE: ?In house facilities to produce Grey Iron castings and Aluminium Pressure Die castings.

?Capability to produce Mechanical Seals. Only Water pump manufacturer to have tie up with NSK- Bearings Japan to make Integral Shaft Bearings ?Sintered products from SFL’s Metal Forms division. 2. 10. INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCES AND TECHNOLOGY UPGRADATION: The Autolec Division constantly upgrades technology through innovation and strategic tie-ups. The Division has technical tie-ups ?with Pierburg GmbH, Germany for Electrical Fuel Pumps ?with NSK Bearings, Japan for Integral Shaft Bearings ?with Robert Bosh, Germany for Fuel Delivery Systems. JOINT VENTURE: The Autolec Division has a Joint Venture in Malaysia to supply parts to the prestigious ‘Proton Car Project’.

. 11. AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS: ?Getting recognized for performance has been a regular feature of the Autolec Division ?Almost every year for well over a decade, receiving Awards for Export Performance from EEPC, speaks of the company’s commitment to serve the global customers. ?The major Engine Manufacturers have all approved the facilities and Quality System of the Autolec Division. ?By virtue of the performance and the high levels of service, the Autolec Division has received numerous awards for Best Quality and Performance at regional as well as national levels.


2. QUALITY POLICY: The Autolec Division is committed to enhance Customer Satisfaction.It is achieved by using a Quality Management System that adopts a process approach & Employee motivation and also through Continual Improvement in Quality and delivery, maximizing value to the customer. QUALITY SYSTEMS: ?All facilities are ISO/TS 16949 : 2002 certified. ?Follows ISO : 14001 : 2004.

?Autolec products are supplied on self certified basis. ?Follows TPM in all its Plants. ?Key executives of the Company are trained on Six Sigma. ?SPC practiced to monitor key product dimensions. ?All quality personnel have adequate qualification and are well Trained.QUALITY FACILITIES: ?Metallurgical lab to test incoming raw material as well as out going products and monitor in house metallurgical processes. ?Standards room includes CMM, Spectrometer and Roundness tester.

3. 3. MANUFACTURING CAPABILITIES: Autolec Division has manufacturing facilities in 2 locations ? Velappanchavadi ?Gummidipoondi Cellular system of manufacturing is being followed, enabling greater flexibility in batch size, product customization and quick response times. The machining infrastructure comprises of Vertical Machining centres, Special Purpose Machines,…etc.

MANUFACTURING FACILITIESThe Autolec Division is modern and has World class machining Facilities for Engine Components and Pump Assemblies with backward integration for Bearings, Mechanical Seals, Aluminium Die Casting and Grey Iron/ SG Iron Castings Facilities in production department High Precision Machining ?Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers ?Turning Centers. ?Special Purpose Machines ?Honing Machines ?Gun Drilling Machines ?Mechanical Seal – Assembly and Testing Pump Assemblies ?Automated Hydraulic press. ?Pump Performance Testing rigs. ?Leak Testing Equipment. ?Endurance Testing rigs. Integral Shaft Bearing facilities Pre track Machines ?Multi Spindle Machines ?Internal Track Grinding Machines.

?External Track Grinding Machines ?Modern Bearing Assembly infrastructure ?Noise Testing in Andrometer. ?Heat Treatment ?In house facility with SQF (Sealed Quench Furnace) to carry out carburising and carbonitriding. ?Facility for induction hardening. Pressure Die Casting ?In house facility of Pressure die casting.

Maximum capacity of 420 Tonnes. ?Melting and holding Furnaces with Temparature control and Measurement facility. Foundry ?Installed capacity of 900 MT / Month ?Simultaneous Jolt Squeeze – Arpa 300 moulding machines 750 KW & 1500 KW Induction furnace of 1 MT & 2 MT capacity respectively ? Multi station cold core shooter , shell core making machine , and core ovens ? Well equipped sand lab & metallurgical lab with Spectro meter for instant chemical analysis ? Well-equipped pattern shop with necessary machinery and instruments. Engineering facilities: ?Strong team of qualified and trained engineers. ?Capability to create parts and processes. ?Design equipped with AutoCAD ,CATIA, PRO E,ANSYS and Unigraphics. softwares. ?Capability to conduct Pump durability test.

?R & D Center for Fatigue analysis of Rocker Levers and Cam Followers. Step software facility available to translate from different software packages. ?Technical tie up with leading educational Institution for accessing special tests and conducting research studies. WATER PUMP FACILITIES: PERFORMANCE TEST: ?Flow Vs RPM at different pressure conditions. (Customer to specify requirements) ? Pressure Cavitation Test(Customer to specify Design requirements) ? Temperature Cavitation test (Customer to specify Requirement) ENDURANCE TEST: ?Cycle test: PPM Vs Time Temperature Vs Time ?(Customer to specify this requirement). 3.

4. TESTING FACILITIES: State of the art testing facilities for every division Image Analysers ?Micro hardness testers ?Spectroscopes ?Computerized Measurement machines ?Surface finish and form testers ?Performance and endurance testing for water pumps and oil pumps. TESTING FACILIITIES AT PRODUCT ENGINEERING: Simulates Engine condition ?Closed circuit system ?Varying Temperature gradient. ?Water with PH value variation and Impurities are added to simulate Realistic testing. ?Programmed Cycle Testing for performace and endurance testing.

3. 5. CUSTOMERS OF SFL: Domestic Customers Major OEM Customers in India Type of ProductsCompany NameJV/Subsidiary CarsFiat Fiat, ItalyFord Ford Motor Co, USA Hindustan MotorsGeneral Motors, USA Maruti UdyogSuzuki, Japan Tata Motors Hyundai Motors AVTEC MUVs & SUVsMahindra & Mahindra Tata Motors Lombardini International cars and motors ltd Farm equipmentsEicher Tractors Indo Farm Tractors International TractorsRenault, France Mahindra & Mahindra New Holland TractorsNew Holland Tractors Same Deutz-FahrSame, Deutz Fahr TAFEMassey Ferguson, UK VST Tillers & Tractors John Deere Earthmoving EquipmentCaterpillarCaterpillar, USA LCV / HCVAshok Leyland Hino, IVECO Eicher Motors Swaraj MazdaMazda, Japan Tata Motors EnginesCummins Greaves CottonKirloskar Engines SAME Engines Simpson Tata CumminsCummins, USA Tata Holset Swaraj Engines INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS Type of ProductsCompany NameCustomer CarsWater Pump Oil PumpProton, Malaysia Water Pump Oil Pump General Motor,Australia General Motor ,Brazil,Mexico Farm equipmentsWater Pump Oil PumpJohn Deere, France Water Pump Oil PumpSame, Deutz Fahr,Italy Water Pump Oil PumpIVECO, Italy Water PumpCase New Holland,UK EnginesRocker Arm assembly, Cam follower, Rocker Arm ShaftsCummins, USA Bearing HousingHolset, USA Water PumpsPerkins, UK Water Pumps Lister Petter, UK TrucksWater PumpsScania, SwedenFan SupportsInterational Trucks & Engines,USA 3. 6. SOFTWARES AVAILABLE IN PRODUCT ENGINEERING MODELLING SOFTWARES: ?CATIA V4: ?CATIA V5R16 CATIA (Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application) is a multi-platform CAD/CAM/CAE commercial software suite developed by the French company Dassault Systemes and marketed worldwide by IBM.

Written in the C++ programminG language, The software was created in the late 1970s and early 1980s to develop Dassault’s Mirage fighter jet, then was adopted in the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, and other industries.CATIA competes in the CAD/CAM/CAE market with Siemens NX, Pro/ENGINEER, Autodesk Inventor and SolidEdge. ?Pro/E Wildfire 3. 0 Pro/ENGINEER’ (commonly referred to as ‘Pro/E’ or ‘ProE’) is a 3D CAD parametric feature solid modeling software created by Parametric Technology Corporation(PTC). Its direct competitor’s software are SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge, Unigraphics, and CATIA.

. It runs on Microsoft Windows and several UNIX flavours, and provides solid modeling, assembly modelling and drafting functionality for mechanical engineers. Uni-Graphics NX 4. 0 Unigraphics® is a registered trademark used for Computer Software Used In Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing and Computer Aided Engineering and Instructional Manuals Sold As a Unit and owned by Ugs Corp. , Electronic Data Systems Corporation. NX was originally called Unigraphics.

The Unigraphics software was developed by the United Computing. In 1977 McDonnell Douglas acquired United Computing and subsequently formed the McDonnell Douglas Automation Unigraphics Group. EDS acquired the business in 1991.When EDS acquired Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (SDRC) in 2001, Unigraphics was combined with SDRC’s I-DEAS CAD product. The gradual addition of I-DEAS functionality into the Unigraphics code base was the basis for the current NX product line. [1] ANALYSIS SOFTWARE: ?Ansys 8.

1 ANSYS, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANSS) is a engineering simulation software (CAE) vendor that is headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, United States. ANSYS, Inc. employs approximately 1,400 people and distributes its products through a network of about 25 sales offices and channel partners in over 40 countries.The company has long-term relationships with customers in a range of industries, including transportation, electronics packaging, biomedical, industrial equipment, and consumer goods.

In 2006, ANSYS acquired Fluent, Inc.. The company was founded in 1970 by Dr. John Swanson and originally named Swanson Analysis Systems, Inc. RELIABILITY SOFTWARES: ?Weibull ++ ?Xfmea ?Alta 6. 3.

7. PLANT DETAILS: PLANT 1 HIGHLIGHTS: ?Supplies commenced 1971 ?Built up area : 24020 Sq. ft ?TS 16949:2002/ ISO 9001:2000 ?ISO 14001:1996 certified PRODUCT RANGE: ?Water Pumps ?Oil Pumps ?Valve Tappets ?Damper Pulleys ?Crank Shaft Pulleys Fan Supports INDIAN OEMs: ?Ashok Leyland ?Greaves ?HML ?HPL ?KOEL ?John Deere India ?Mahindra & Mahindra ?Simpsons ?TATA Motors ?Indofarm Tractors EXPORTS: ?John Deere – France ?John Deere – Mexico ?John Deere –USA ?Caterpillar-USA ?CNH- UK PLANT 2 HIGHLIGHTS: ?Supplies commenced 1985 ?Built up area : 24020 Sq. ft ?TS 16949:2002/ ISO 9001:2000 ?ISO 14001:1996 certified PRODUCT RANGE: ?Water Pumps ?Oil Pumps ?Electrical Fuel Pumps ?Mech. Fuel Pumps ?Feed Pumps ?Mechanical Seals ?Pressure Die castings INDIAN OEMs: ?Maruti Udyog Ltd ?Ford India Ltd ?Fiat India Ltd. ?Greaves cotton Ltd. ?Lombardini India Ltd. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

?New Holland Tractors Ltd ?Tata Motors Ltd. ?Same Engines Ltd EXPORTS: ?Proton – Malaysia. PLANT 3 HIGHLIGHTS: ?Supplies commenced 2000 ?TS 16949:2002/ ISO 9001:2000 certified PRODUCT RANGE: ?Rocker Arm Assemblies ?Rocker Levers ?Rocker Shafts ?Cam Followers ?Injector Levers ?Bearing housings INDIAN OEMs: ?CNH ?Cummins India Ltd EXPORTS: ?Cummins USA & worldwide ?IVECO Italy ?Holset USA, China PLANT 4 HIGHLIGHTS: ?Supplies commenced 2005 ?Built up area : 6875 Sq. ft ?TS 16949:2002/ ISO 9001:2000 ?ISO 14001:1996 certified PRODUCT RANGE: ?Water Pumps ?Oil Pumps ?Fan Supports INDIAN OEMs: Ashok Leyland Ltd. ?Eicher Motors Ltd. ?Eicher Tractors ?Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. ?Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. – AS ?Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd- TD ?SAME Tractors ?Swaraj Mazda Ltd.

?Swaraj Engines Ltd. ?Tata Cummins Ltd. ?Tata Motors Ltd. EXPORTS: ?CNH ?Iveco. Italy. BEARINGS DIVISION: HIGHLIGHTS: ?Supplies commenced 1985 ?Built up area : 48000 Sq. ft ?TS 16949:2002/ ISO 9001:2000 ?ISO 14001:1996 certified PRODUCT RANGE: ?Integral Shaft Bearings, ?Belt Tensioners, OEMs: ?Maruti Udyog ?Cummins India Limited ?Ford India Limited ?Avtec Limited ?Hyundai Motors India ?Tata Cummins Limited FOUNDRY: HIGHLIGHTS: Supplies commenced 1992 ?Built up area : 16000 Sq.

ft ?TS 16949:2002/ ISO 9001:2000 certified PRODUCT RANGE: ?Grey Iron & Ductile Iron castings 3. 8. NEW BUSINESS: NEW BUSINESS WITH NEW CUSTOMERS: S. No.

CustomerProject Name & PartStatusPotential ValueSOP 1Diamler6 cyl-WP & Valve BridgeSamples to be submitted7. 252011-12 2MNEL6 cyl-WP/OP/BTWP Supplies commenced, other parts in validation610-May 3JCB6 cyl-FP & RASamples submitted awaiting customer feedback5. 882011-12 4AL, NISSANP15-WP & Bal. shaftSamples submitted awaiting customer feedback4. 511-Jan 5COOPER FOUNDRIES2 cyl-WP/OPSamples approved, PPAP to be completed2. 10-May 6PIAGGIO4 wheeler-WPPPAP to be completed & production to be commenced1. 310-Jun 7TVS MOTOR CO. 2 wheeler-WPPPAP to be completed & production to be commenced110-May NEW BUSINESS WITH EXISTING CUSTOMERS: S.

No. Customer NameProject Name & Part statusPotential ValueSOP 1M&M , vehicle2 cyl-IFC WP/OPProduction commenced13. 2Commenced 2M&M , AS3 cyl-IFC WP/OPSamples submitted, Approval awaited5. 52011-12 3M&M, ASW201 cyl-IFC WP&OPSamples approved, PPAP to be done7. 810-Nov 4M&M, ASGasoline-IFC OP&WPSamples approved, PPAP to be done2. 11-Jan 5M&M, FES6 cyl-WPPPAP Completed2. 110-Apr 6M&M, FESAgni, Tier IV & IFM-WPDesign freezed.

Commercials under discussion2. 82011-12 Total33. 8 7TML3 cyl-WP & OPSamples submitted, Approval awaited32011-12 8ALN4 & N6- WP, OP & RAPPAP to be completed & production to be commenced172010-11 9SimpsonSingle cyl-WP & FPSamples submitted, awaiting customer feedback1. 52011-12 10MSILKB Series-IFC OPSamples submitted on April 10610-Jun 11NH3 cyl & 4 cyl-OPSamples submitted on April 101. 42011-12 Total62. 7 3. 9. SALES DETAILS OF SFL: The Sales Details of Sundaram Fasteners Limited is given by the following table:SALES DETAILS 2009-10 2010-11 Total Sales176212 Existing Product Sales141164 New Product Sales3559 New product contribution20%29% SEGMENTWISE SALES DETAILS: S.

NoSegment2008-09 H1 act2008-09 H2 act2009-10H1 act2009-10 H2 actGrowth %over 2008-09Customer growthIndustry growth2010-11 B-Plan H1H1 Growth %over 2009-10 1Commercial Vehicles29. 910. 32633. 648562831. 621 2MUV11. 69. 21615. 250463532.

8105 3Cars21. 415. 920.

921. 815353316-24 4Tractors12. 09.

213. 310. 124242414. 26 5Engine7. 97. 166. 2-1927236. 813 6Others3.

2.. 0. 72. 64. 376–3. 429 Total86.

352. 384. 891. 227–104. 723 3.

10. HUMAN RESOURCES: Qualified and highly experienced manpower across 2 locations. ?Highly qualified and widely experienced Engineers look after mission ?critical functions.

?Competent technical support staff supervises day to day operations. ?Employee involvement through suggestion schemes and TPM. TRAINED HUMAN RESOURCES: • Autolec has a strength of 700 employees • All employees are trained in their specific areas of Work • Critical machines are run by skilled and adequately trained Operators • Employee skill matrix is reviewed at periodic intervals to capture and update all in the Latest technology 3. 1. CUSTOMER FOCUS: ? We believe that our proven ability to provide timely corporate proactive results to our ever changing customer requirements a key to success ? Organization is delayered to be more closely aligned to customer focus ? We recognize that all customers are interested in being listened to and understood, being shown respect, being kept informed and in receiving superior value in form of on time delivery at competitive price ? We have structured our organization and educated our employees to focus on supporting our customers throughout our entire relationship Customer satisfaction & Problem solving 3. 12. STRATEGIES FOR FUTURE GROWTH: TO COUNTER TECHNOLOGY COMPETITION: ?Technical tie-ups with a global pump designer and manufacturer to upgrade our inhouse research and development to meet the market needs of next generation pumps. ?Focus on VA/VE at the stage of development to be cost competitive.

DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT: Product Engineering Division Excels in New product development & Product redesign & VA/VE activities Reverse Engineering Capabilities The product development is done with only the sample feom dustomer. The samples are completely reverse engineered at the company’s end.All the functions and fitment parameters are checked with customer sample. The complete data acquision is done inhouse. Black Box Design Product development from concept Use of High end Design software Catia V4 & V5R14, Pro E Wildfire 2. 0 Ansys 8. 1 for analysis Validation Capability Durability testing for seals, Life test for Bearings BLUE CHIP OEM CLIENTELE: International OEM’s Case New Holland, Caterpillar, Cummins, Dura Automotive, John Deere, Holset, Iveco, Lister-Petter, Perkins, Proton…….

International OEM’s in India Caterpillar,Cummins, Ford, Fiat, Holset, Hyundai, Isuzu, Iveco, John Deere,Lombardini, Mazda, Mitsubishi ,New Holland, Perkins, Sisu Diesel, Suzuki…. Indian OEM’s Ashok Leyland, Eicher Motors, Escorts, Greaves, Hindustan Motors,International Tractors, Kirloskar Oil Engines,Maruti Udyog, Mahindra & Mahindra,, Simpsons, Swaraj Engines, Swaraj Mazda, TATA Motors,…. HIGHLIGHTS IN 2009-10: OE sales increased by 27% over 2008-09 &19% over 2007-08. As a part of diversification Balancer Shaft (SOP-2011, Engine-P15, Potential Value-Rs. 3.

6 crores) and Breather assembly (SOP 2011, Engine – cyl, Potential Value-Rs. 0. 30crores) have been introduced. 3. 13. MARKETS AND CUSTOMERS: TVS Autolec customers are spread across the globe, through its exports to all key markets like the USA, the UK, Europe, Australia, Africa, China, the Middle East and South East Asia. This includes both OEMs and After market supplies. ?The company is also a major OEM supplies to International OEMs in India as well as major Indian Companies.

?The Domestic after market is supplied through the TVS group companies who have close to 200 distributors all over India. BENCHMARKING WITH THE BEST: ?Periodic benchmarking of products vis. aris the competition. ?Cutting edge technology and world class quality. 3. 14.TOTAL PRODUCTIVE MAINTENANCE: The company strictly follows the TPM policy. BENEFITS OF APPLYING TPM: ?Better environment and work place.

?Gives 100% quality products. ?Improves productivity. ?Reduces machine down time hours. ?Reduces the loss in performance hours.

?Reduces setting hours. ?Reduces rejection and rework. ?Enhances machine life.

?Maintains machine accuracy. ?Improves overall machine effectiveness. ESSENTIALS OF TPM: ?Jishu-Hozen.

(self maintained workplace). ?Kobetzu-Kaizen. (Elimination of 16 losses). ?Planned maintenance. (Zero breakdowns).

?Quality maintenance. (Zero defects). ?Tools management.

Optimal tools life and availability of tools). ?Training and skills development. (Self improvement).

?Initial control. (Short product development). ?Office TPM. (Productivity in indirect departments). ?Safety at workplace.

(Zero accidents). 3. 15. OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Pursuit of excellence, over the years, has meant acquiring in-depth expertise in metal forming, machining, heat treatment and assembly; operator- assured quality; and customer-oriented design and development. As the business has grown with an expanding global customer base, the company has steadily invested in creating additional capacities at multiple locations.

Sundram Fasteners was the first to obtain a large, single sourced auto component order from a global OEM customer – the radiator caps business from General Motors, USA; the first to set up a Just In Time (JIT) supply chain from India to the US, including a JIT warehouse in the US; the first Indian company to win the global “Supplier of the Year” award for several years from General Motors; among the first to adopt, and get recognized for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) practices in India; Winner of TPM Excellence, Consistency and Special Award. . 16. MODE OF TRANSPORT: sundram Fasteners Limited ’s manufacturing facilities are well connected by land, sea and air. SFL’s Indian consignments are shipped from both Chennai and Tuticorin ports. Warehouses at USA and Europe take care of JIT supplies. ?Approval is got from customers. ?As per company decided debt to customer.

?Customer’s own risk. ?Whatever material losses debt to transporter. ?Warehouse stock maintaining 15 days for all the zones. ?Everyday monitoring Godown stock all the zones(transport). PAYMENT TERMS & CONDITIONS:The payment terms depend upon the customer As per GRN made 7 day payments for Tata Motors and minimum 30 days to 90 days for others.

CHAPTER 4 FINDINGS AND SUGGESTIONS 4. 1. FINDINGS: ?The company uses SAP to carry out their operations. ?Training program were not conducted by the Management for the employees which results in lack of skills.

?Delegation of authority is missing. ?The working environment is not equipped with enough facilities. ?SFL maintains good punctuality and discipline. ?There is a very good interpersonnel relationship among all the employees. Their concentration on job is high. ?Continuous process improvement is followed in the company. ?In marketing department, every employee is provided with sophisticated computer and other facilities.

?This company is not following the enough monetary and non-monetary motivation. Hence the production is not achieved up to the expected levels. ?Communication with other departments is possible through intercom facility in an effective manner. ?Canteen facilities are also found around the factory floor with high infrastructure.

ESI, PF facilities are provided by the company to permanent labours according to rules and regulations. ?The relationship between employees is sound as well as appreciable. ?The company uses contract women labours for production. ?The company strictly follows TPM policy and six sigma principles. ?The company mainly concentrates on employee safety and health. ?Customers are satisfied with their time of delivery. ?There is some interruption in the production due to power cut.

?The company flashes safety instructions to be followed on the flash board. . 2.

SUGGESTIONS: ?The company could take effective steps to recover the debt, i. e. prompt collection of payment like offering discounts for earlier payment. ?Each department can be in separate room to avoid crowd. ?The company could check periodically whether all the safety measures are followed or not. ?The company could conduct the training program to improve the labour skill and to improve the technology. ?The company could follow the sound wages system.

?Delegation of authority should be followed. . CHAPTER 5 CONCLUSIONCONCLUSION: The training that the trainee undergone at SFL is very useful and informative. It helped the trainee to know what is actually happening in the organization.

I also came to know about how the marketing and financial departments are functioning and their relation between them. BIBLIOGRAPHY: ?WWW. autolec. com ?Company profile ?enwikipedia.

org ?www. economywatch. com ?Production and Operations Management by Paneerselvam, Published by Prentice Hall of India. ?www.

markosweb. com ?www. sundaram. com ?WWW. google.