Autonomous Driver only: This is when the

Autonomous vehicles, are vehicles that remove the current
definition of the concept ‘driver’. They are basically cars that can perceive its
environment, and make decisions without the need for human input. The
development of these vehicles would make significant changes to many aspects of
travel which will be covered later on. There are currently 5 levels of
autonomy, they are:

Driver only: This is when the vehicle is entirely under human
control. E.g anti-lock brakes.

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Driver assistance: The steering and/or acceleration are automated but the
driver must control the other functions.

–       Partial
autonomy: The
driver does not control steering or acceleration but is expected to be
attentive at all times and take back control instantaneously when required.

–       High
autonomy: Vehicles
are able to operate autonomously for some portions of the journey. Transfer of
control back to the human driver happens with some warning

–       Full
autonomy: The
vehicle is capable of driving unaided for the entire journey with no human
intervention – potentially without a human in the car.