Baba and Me Essay

In this short story named Baba and Me written by Khaled Hiosseni, a main focus is on a relationship between a father and son.

Baba is a rich merchant in Kabul, Afghanistan, before the soviet invasion. Amir adores his father Baba, but doesn’t feel that his love is reciprocated. He constantly tried to gain his fathers affection, but his father sees him as weak for never defending himself from other neighborhood boys. Amir also blames that for the fact that Baba’s beloved wife died while giving birth to him.Amir is hurt by how much his father Baba seems to like the servant’s on Hassan,who Amir betrays terribly in the story in order to gain access to the kite which would gain his father’s love. Amir sees his friend Hassan as a slaughter-sheep that must be sacrificed in order for him to gain his father’s love.

This story was really written for entertaing purposes. Truthfully behind the story there is a whole moral, its trying to relay a message of insecurities throughout a hurt young man. Though the book the story is for entertaing purposes, you really get more out of the story than just entertainment. It make you analyze things more and look into the real reasons behind actions.The relationship between Baba and Amir is a common thing that goes on in real life; in other words the story seem more realistic than its betraying to be. Most young people wouldn’t read this story I don’t believe, but the intended audience is for general interested readers. Reading this story, you can find that the story could be shared with a variety of readers, not just one particular group. This short story can be interesting and touching to any types of readers if you ask me.

Early on in the story it mentioned that story time period was based before the soviet invasion.You can tell its not a modern day novel because the language that is used throughout the whole story. The story obviously isn’t to old by the things they accomplish through this story, such as Amir attending community college and moving from country to country. The time frame seems to be the early 19oo’s, but it could be earlier.

The author was very clear about the message he was sending in this story. He did betray exactly what he was trying to, by using emotions, the text and describing exactly how Amir was feeling. In this story you can see each character had reasoning behind there actions and feelings.By the end of the story you will be in reality with each characters motivations behind why they acted the way they did. Techniques weren’t really used throughout this story, I believe this was more of a personal story and the author used personal experiences in the story.

It could be fictional, but I believe its a story that is meant leave you thinking about how Amir really felt. The author somewhat used a technique of putting you in the particular setting, sort of like its happening right before your eyes. When reading you can tell that the story is powerful and touching.