Background Of Enron And Its Case Accounting Essay

Enron Corp was one of the largest energy, trade good and service suppliers.

They sold electricity, natural gas, energy and other physical goods, along with fiscal and hazard direction services to planetary clients. Enron was formed in July 1985 by the amalgamation of Houston Natural gas and InterNorth, based in Houston, Texas. Initially the company sold natural gas, and as it grew, they started brokering energy and presenting it. The company started publicizing electricity in 1994 and entered the European energy market in 1995. Enron besides expanded into non-energy resource concerns such as planetary metals trading and H2O resources and were recognized as a taking pioneer and employer. Enron ‘s market capital increased from $ 2 billion ( in mid 1980s ) to $ 70 billion in early 2001 ( CBC News, 2006 ) . Enron advertised most of its merchandises on their web site by supplying the installation to merchandise trade goods online. It became celebrated and was the largest concern site in the universe.

About 90 % of Enron ‘s income came from trade over the cyberspace. Enron reported amalgamate income / gross of $ 101 Billion in the twelvemonth 2000. It was recognized as the 7th largest company on the luck 500 and the 6th largest energy company in the universe ( CBC News, 2006 ) . Enron had about 58,920 stockholders of its common stocks ( Ordinary Shareholders ) and its market portion monetary value peaked to $ 90 ( CBC News, 2006 ) per portion before the bankruptcy instance.

Enron Case:

Enron was reported as the largest corporate bankruptcy instance in US when Jeffery Skilling ( CEO of Enron ) restored his station of CEO. In October 2001, Enron reported a loss of about $ 618 million to its stockholders ( CBC News, 2006 ) . This was the first quarterly loss the company reported in the last four old ages.

The CFO Andrew Fastow was replaced after the incident and the U.S securities exchange committee launched an probe to delve out the chief beginning of such a monolithic loss. The concern country was the investings partnerships which were led by the former CFO ( CBC News, 2006 ) . In the probe it was found that Enron incorporated “ mark-to-market accounting ” for the energy trading concern in the mid-1990s and used it on an exceeding graduated table for its concern. Under mark-to-market regulations, whenever companies had outstanding energy-related or other derivative contracts on their balance sheets at the terminal of a peculiar one-fourth, they had to set entries harmonizing to just market value, to avoid booking unfulfilled additions or losingss in the income statement of that peculiar period.Trouble with the application of these regulations, for long-run hereafters contracts in trade goods such as gas is that there are frequently no quoted monetary values upon which ratings are based.

Companies holding these types of derivative instruments are free to develop and utilize discretional rating theoretical accounts based on their ain premises and methods ( C. William Thomas, ‘the Rise & A ; Fall of Enron ‘ , 2002 ) . This was adapted to conceal Enron debts by demoing bogus investings.

After the disclosure of the traumatic intelligence the portion monetary value fell down to $ 1 US ( CBC News, 2006 ) . Investors had lost one million millions in it. The audit house ‘Arthur Andersen ‘ lost its repute and good will in the market and were among the Big Five audit houses of the universe before the biggest fraud dirt in America.After its death the universe was left with the Big Four houses. Approximately 5,600 Enron employees later lost their occupations. ( The Fall of A Wall Street Darling, 2011 )After a month of Enron registering for bankruptcy protection in US, the US justness section opened a condemnable instance against Enron ‘s direction ( CBC News, 2006 ) . The CEO, Ken Lay left his station as president and CEO. Numerous charges were filed against him.

It was found that 19 ( 19 ) former executives were found guilty and have been convicted for the largest white neckband offense in America History. Key lay ( CEO ) and Jeffery ( CFO ) were both found guilty. The Chief executive officer was sentenced for 20 four ( 24 ) old ages ; where as CFO along with its associates were given six ( 6 ) old ages of sentence ( CBC News, 2006 ) .

Role of Arthur Andersen:

As an audit house, it was Arthur Andersen ‘s responsibility, to turn to its audit studies to the stockholders after happening out about the Window dressing of Enron ‘s debts. Unfortunately, it was found that Andersen had aliened forces with Enron ‘s direction on the founded deceitful activity. A major issue enlightened by the instance of Enron was “ Conflict of Interest ” of Andersen. Andersen was playing double functions in Enron ; hearer and audience. Andersen was accused of overlooking the immense sum of money kept off Enron ‘s books because of the amount of money paid to them in footings of audit fee which was $ 100 million ( Nysscpa.

org ) . Andersen was besides accused of devastation of 1000s of pages of paperss of its clients including Enron. The paperss were destroyed and remained a enigma, raising a inquiry in head, were the files and paperss destroyed to be kept off from the authorities and jurisprudence implementing securities? ( Nysscpa.

org )

Corporate Administration:

Issue of Corporate Governance in Enron:

Corporate administration is a system through which organisations are directed and controlled, trade with the finance to corporations and assure themselves of acquiring a return on their investing ( Cadbury, 2002 ) . Good corporate administration is achieved through transparence and unity of fiscal statements to its stakeholders and stockholders, supplying maximal independence to external hearers, accurate and timely revelations of stuff affairs of the company to its stockholders. This can be done by protecting the rights of all minority and bulk stockholders for effectual monitoring of direction by the board and making board answerability to its stockholders ( Shleifer & A ; Vishyny, 1997 ) .

If Enron had practiced good corporate administration so its stakeholders would non hold suffered. One can easy place the undermentioned Corporate Governance jobs in Enron ‘s instance:Vague and belated revelations of HistoriesInappropriate and uneffective monitoring of direction by the board ( independency of board )Conflict of involvement of ManagementJeopardized the independency of External Auditor

Argument about increasing Independence of the Board:

Yes! One will hold if independency of the board is established, such frauds or dirts can be alleviated to some extent. As a consequence, direction and board members will hold to portion their meeting proceedingss with stockholders and regard every stockholder both bush leagues and big leagues. Taking Non – Executive managers on board can help in increasing the independency of the board.A inquiry is raised, how can board independency be increased? The reply is straight, by following good Corporate Governance patterns. As discussed earlier corporate administration is a set of relationship between company ‘s managers, its stockholders and other stakeholders. It besides provides the construction through which the aims of the company are set, the agencies of accomplishing those aims and supervising public presentation.

There are a figure of elements of corporate administration which will help organisations in extenuating the hazard like Enron brought on its investors. Following are some elements of good corporate administration that can be incorporated:


Fairness in Corporate Governance means that manager ‘s and other stakeholder ‘s legitimate involvement should be accounted and stockholders should be treated every bit and should hold protection of their rights ( Dooley, 1991 ) . If the board of Enron was able to protect stockholder ‘s rights and dainty everyone with the same equity, the intelligence would hold disclosed sooner or we can state that no 1 in the finance section and other higher direction would of all time hold exercised the window dressing of histories.


Transparency means accurate and complete corporate revelation to stakeholders. Disclosure non merely includes fiscal statements and notes to the histories but besides narrative statements such as the manager studies and the operating and fiscal reappraisal.

There should be voluntary revelations every bit good to demo unity of the direction and derive trust of stakeholders. Voluntary revelation includes direction prognosis, presentation and imperativeness releases ( Mallin, 2003 ) . In the Enron instance transparence was jeopardized. Share monetary value of the company was increasing on guesss instead than existent facts and figures. The last portion monetary value before the bankruptcy revelation was $ 90 per portion which was speculated as Enron did non hold any investings and had crossed its pitching bounds four old ages before December 02, 2001.


Harmonizing to Agrawal ET. El, ( 2005 ) , independence is a critical construct related to managers of the company. Corporate Administration studies have progressively stressed the importance of independent non executive managers ( NED ) . The ground behind taking NEDs on board is to supervise board public presentation and direction without holding struggle of involvement in the company that is their finance and other related determinations are non affected by the public presentation of the company.They are free from force per unit area that could impede their activities. They will be in a better place to notice and congratulate board and to advance the involvements of stockholders and other stakeholders.External Hearers should be independent and non influenced by the direction of the company because they are at that place to analyze what company ‘s direction is making with the company. External Auditor fee or wage should non transcend sufficiently from the old twelvemonth ( Agrawal et.

EL ; 2005 ) . External Auditors duty is non to place fraud, they evaluate company ‘s financials critically and if they come across with any reserves, direction and stockholders are to be reported.In the Enron instance, Arthur Andersen ‘s independency was laid down due to which it overlooked and concealed affairs from companies ‘ stakeholders and did n’t measure up their audit studies on clip. Therefore, one needs to develop a mechanism to equilibrate both Management and External Auditors working to avoid any material struggles.

Corporate Administration suggested that there should be an ‘Audit Committee ‘ to work as a span between direction and external hearers. In the Enron instance, if an Audit commission was in topographic point, Andersen would hold had a really low opportunity of developing involvement in the company. Andersen would hold qualified the Audit study and protected stockholder involvement.

Responsibility & A ; Accountability

The chief slogan of duty and answerability is to do direction responsible for their actions. In direction footings, it ‘s frequently said “ Greater Responsibility brings increased Accountability ” ( Ribstein, 2005 ) .The board of managers, have a duty towards company stockholders, of protecting their rights and guaranting they work towards maximising the wealth of stockholders. Management is responsible to both major and minor stockholders. Directors owe fiducial responsibility to the company to exert their powers bona fide in what they candidly consider to be in the best involvement of the company.

Corporate answerability means whether organisation and its managers are answerable in some ways for the effects of their actions ( Ribstein, 2005 ) . In Enron instance the CFO and CEO had acted in personal involvement and ignored the fact that investors might hold had life nest eggs and pension money on Enron stocks. The stock monetary value went to $ 1 from $ 90 US per portion ( The Fall of A Wall Street Darling, 2011 ) . They did non exert their power in the best involvement of the company which resulted in the most celebrated dirt of the universe.

Repute and Judgment

Organization repute depends on how likely other hazards are to crystallise. In the same manner managers concern for an organisation ‘s repute will be demonstrated by the extent to which they fulfill the other rules of corporate administration. These are strictly the commercial grounds for advancing the organisations repute. The monetary value of the portion and the good will or we can state the consideration which might be obtained on selling the company wholly depends upon the organisations repute of administering net incomes or dividend, puting in other concern, run intoing company ‘s liabilities and reserving more assets and managing their stakeholders.Reputation besides depends upon how they react to sustainability of the environment. Banks and other fiscal establishments can widen the period of refund of organisation loans and withdraw their loans from organisations on the footing of their repute in the market. This is what happened to Enron excessively.

Key direction showed the act of selfishness and did non analyse the hazards of falsifying the organisations repute in the market by their actions. Due to which Enron ‘s portion monetary value went from $ 90 to $ 1 ( CBC, 2006 )Good judgement means the board devising determinations that enhance the prosperity of the organisation. This means that board members must get a wide adequate cognition of the concern and its environment to be able to supply meaningful way to it. This has deductions non merely for the attending managers have to give the organisation ‘s personal businesss, but besides the manner the managers are recruited and trained ( Rhodes, 1996 ) . The complexnesss of senior direction means that the managers have to convey multiple conceptual accomplishments to direction that aim to maximise long-run returns.

As a consequence, corporate administration composes viing people on board which evaluate positively and critically the determination made by direction in the benefit of company ‘s stakeholders.Judgment should non be biased it should be based on facts and figures and in the benefit of stakeholders. It ‘s hence suggested by corporate administration to hold NEDs on board so they can critically, indecently and with unity position direction programs and actions and determinations for the company. Due to the absence of assorted manager ‘s accomplishments and due to miss of independence of managers the company was shade to pieces. If NEDs were involved in the board, the determination of bogus investing would hold ne’er been passed and if an Audit commission was made for managing and interceding between internal and external hearers, Enron stockholders would hold ne’er suffered the immense losingss in their investings. Enron direction did non hold the clear expertness of making right for the right people.

They had merely acted right to avoid the bad intelligence ( BPP larning Media Ltd, ‘Professional Accountant ‘ , 2007 ) .


Companies holding corporate administration have following advantages over others:Their stockholders will be seasonably informed of any material affairs of the company through sharing of run intoing proceedingss of ‘Annual General Meeting ‘ ( AGM ) .Code of best pattern will be followed in supplying counsel and commanding the company, such as the Framework laid by OECD for revelation and transparence of managers or board duties.Audit Committee ( particularly for list companies ) will be placed for effectual and efficient affair between External Auditors and internal Hearers and other fiscal direction.Every Shareholders right will be protected through legitimate processs.

All stockholders will be treated every bit.Board will keep a sound system of monitoring and controlling direction activities. Internal Controls will be developed and best patterns of the industry will be followed by the direction regardless of the station and power the direction forces possess.With the above concluding words we believe that corporate administration has a really critical function in supplying best pattern guidelines to pull off and command a company. The being of it, particularly in a list company, is really important and fruitful for all stakeholders. Independence of board can be managed and increased efficaciously and expeditiously through it.


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