Bad Influenced of Watching Television Essay

Bad Influence of Watching TV Over the past fifty years, television sets have become standard pieces of equipment in most homes, and watching television has become a standard activity for most family. Children in Indonesian culture grow up watching television in the morning, in the afternoon, and often in the evening as well. Although there are many excellent programs for children, many people feel that television may not be good for children. In fact, television may be a bad influence on children for three main reasons.

Watching television can affect learning and school activities. Schoolwork can be disturb if the children consistenly spend more times to watch it. Of course laziness is a big bad effect that made from this standard activity. Their academic achievement probably decrease. Children who watch the television usually identify what is shown on it. They always want to do the new things from their life. They don’t know which is the good or bad thing for them, because they have big curiosity from what the seen around.

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Spend more times to watch television for children influence their times to gather with their families. During their age children, necessarily they need more times and attention from their parents. Affection is obligatory on this period, because they don’t know anything. So that parents should guide their children. Therefore, parents should more active role to control their children’s activities, includin when they watch television. They have to make a rule for their children to minimize to watch television and multiply times to gather with family.