Banning Cigarette Smoking Essay

Jazzlyn Odom Mr. Clifford ENGL 101C (06) 30 September 2012 Should cigarette smoking be banned? There are nearly 443,000 deaths each year caused by cigarette smoking, or one in every five deaths in the United States. Cigarette smoking and even tobacco use has gotten extremely out of control over the centuries, everybody smokes! It is unhealthy for your body and especially your lungs, it can cause harm to every organ throughout body. Military men and women, young adults, the elderly and even young teens are engaging in the inhaling of smoke.

It is so easy to get a hold of a pack of cigarettes nowadays, and that is why it starts off so early in our young society. As we all know smoking causes death, it causes death more than HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders combined. It causes lung cancer deaths in men and women. 90% of men and 80% of women die from lung cancer each year that percentage is way too high. Something needs to be done about cigarette smoking as soon as possible. The world allows cigarette smoking to continue on, they try to ban it in certain areas but allow it to be done in other areas.For example at many colleges they do not allow you to smoke on the premises of the school grounds, but they will allow you to smoke as long as you are in your car with the windows rolled up. That makes no sense at all, you are still smoking on school grounds and nobody ever abides the rules anyways.

They will smoke in their cars but with the windows down, or they will just smoke on school grounds. The same goes for work buildings, big businesses, high schools, and etc. Cigarette smoking needs to be banned! Smoking also causes increased health risks in the human body; it slowly weakens your organs and immune system.Coronary heart disease, stroke, and chronic obstructive lung disease is all increased by smoking. Your health is extremely important to you; in order for your body to keep running you must take care of it.

As said in the previous paragraph smoking affects every single organ in your body, some organs you need to live but others you don’t. It causes many stresses on your mind and body, many people turn to smoking cigarettes when they are stressed out, and in reality all it does is cause more stress on you. We should treasure our bodies, instead of abusing them. Cigarettes should be banned!Finally, smoking and cancer are the two scariest words you can hear together. Smoking causes the following cancers: Acute myeloid leukemia, bladder cancer, Cancer of the cervix, Cancer of the esophagus, Kidney cancer, Cancer of the larynx (voice box), Lung cancer, Cancer of the oral cavity (mouth), Pancreatic cancer, Cancer of the pharynx (throat), and Stomach cancer. All of these cancers can eventually lead to pain, depression, stress, and finally death. I’ve known many people who have gotten cancer due to cigarette smoking, and it is not a pretty sight to see a loved one struggling or in great pain.It gives them a lesson but not in a good way.

Cigarette smoking should be banned! To wrap it all up, cigarette smoking and tobacco use needs to be banned. It causes many stresses on your lungs, and great damage to the human body. There are many rules on where to and where not to smoke and still people do not follow the rules. It causes deaths if you do not catch the cancer early on, and can cause heartache on family members. Banning cigarette smoking can make the world a better and cleaner place for everyone, and I believe it can happen!