Banning the Burqa Essay

I strongly agree that the wearing of the burqa should be banned because it is a risk on Australians safety and security. I believe that Cory benardi has a very strong argument that the wearing of the burqa should be banned in public places.

I 100% agree with him. There has been an Australian man that was dressed in a burqa that robbed a bank because of this there have been a number of understandable concerns in the community. Police being reluctant to search any suspects wearing a burqa.I am one of the 90% of people fighting for the burqa to be banned.

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My main arguments towards this subject are why we should give the exception to people wearing the burqa into banks when you are not permitted to wear any face coverings. I strongly believe that when you are driving while wearing a burqa you are putting a great risk of the other people’s safety on the roads because while you are wearing the burqa it impairs you vision and you cannot fully operate the car.The wearing of the burqa is not just an Australian issue a number of countries have brought up for the burqa to be banned and Belgium is one of these countries that have successfully banned the burqa. What my strongest point and why I truly want the burqa banned is because the wearing of the burqa shows domination of men over women and the burqa represents this. The burqa makes women powerless and isolated and our society as no place for it.By women wearing the burqa they are limiting their lives and won’t get to have a normal full life. As Rina Maddon said the burqa is a war on women.

The wearing of the burqa has created a lot of concern in the country. 90% of the country are fighting for the burqa to be banned. I say let’s put a 110% effort in and support the fight not just for the safety of Australia but the right of the women who wear the burqa.