BASE Jumping Essay

BASE stands for Building, Antennae, Span, and Earth. BASE jumping is the sport that the person jumps from one of the fixed objects instead of a moving object, such as a plane, and using a parachute to arrive at the ground safely. BASE jumping is not a common sport that people see everyday on television. Once in a while, they televise someone jumping from top of the building or some various places. We are not familiar with BASE jumping. BASE jumping is a dangerous sport. Many people would say that it’s crazy to risk their lives and jump from high building just to have some fun.

However, BASE jumping is one of the most growing adventure recreations now days. Many people think that BASE jumping is a new sport but the first BASE jumping was tried in 1914 by Stefan Banic, who invented parachute. When he created a parachute, he jumped from forty-one story building in Washington, D. C. to test a parachute. That was the first time a parachute was used to jump from a building. However, BASE jumping become as an actual sport around the world until the 1970’s. “The Royal George Bridge was first jumped from in 1975 by Don Boyles and in 1976; Owen Quinn took a dive off the World Trade Center.

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The first LEAGAL BASE jumping from El Capitan was in 1978 and the first magazine devoted to the sport was available in 1981. ” There are many organizations you can involve with if you are a BASE jumper or beginner to BASE jumping. The organization is spread out all over the world. The organization instructs you with safety, equipment, and the knowledge you need to know to before BASE jumping. They also provide media, exhibition, demonstration, film, and photographic. Many of these organizations are non-profit organizations.

To BASE jump, the jumper needs wear some equipment for their own safety beside a parachute and containers. These equipments require to all the jumpers regardless of if he/she is an expert jumper or not. These equipments are helmet, ankle protection, altitude detection device, radio or cell Phone, and first aid kit. Helmet and ankle protection are needed to protect the jumper from getting hurt. The head injuries can make the difference between life and death and the feet are the first part you the body which touch the ground and its easy to injure ankle when the jumper land on the ground.

Altitude detection device and cell phone are needed just in case the jumper landed on the place where he/she is not familiar with. These equipments will help him/her to find a place. First aid kit is needed for the injuries. BASE jumping is not a sport that people try everyday. It is a dangerous sport that the jumpers have to risk their lives to do it. However, the numbers of BASE jumpers grow everyday and there are many organizations support BASE jumpers all over the world. Now days, people like to experience adventure that that they never experienced before. BASE jumping is one of sports that support those enthusiasts.