Battle write up of Baton Rouge Essay

During this battle both sides were fighting on shih but different kinds which made it easier and harder. Lastly the landscape of this battle was between homes and buildings, but it didn’t affect them. The Battle; In and Out The battle started on August 5, 1862 and ended on August 6, 1862. The Union had taken Baton Rouge in April but the confederate army wasn’t happy. The Union then moved on to Vicksburg, Mississippi but were defeated when the ironclad ship CSS Arkansan as attacked; so they came back to Baton Rouge.

The Rebels saw this as their chance to take e back Baton Rouge and General Befriending took 5,000 men to do so. By the time they AR rived, tiredness had cut down Befriending”s men by half but they were able to force the Union n back. Unfortunately for the Rebels, Union ships were able to surround them from t his position. Befriending had planned for the CSS to attack the Union ships while the info entry moved in so that this would not happen. Next the engines failed and the Confederates blew

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